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Biography:My name is Joe Ferrero and I started Tree Creations in 2012 by accident. Really, there was an accident (this requires a bit of a back story). I was on the telephone when a freak accident happened and a projectile took the eyesight from my left eye. The doctor said I was about a half inch from not being here. Soon after, my oldest daughter had asked for a tree house after seeing one on television, and I had remembered a place I visited when I was in college that had some cool tree houses. So I got to work. January 28, 2012 I started to build our castle themed tree house. While in construction, I went visiting my in-laws on Long Island and we went to a museum of play with our children. We saw some car parts roughly in position of a car that kids were playing with, and the children seemed to be having a blast, so I looked at my wife, and we got the idea to put a car in the trees as a tree house. Once these two were underway, I got thinking of my own mortality and how I would be remembered when I'm gone. I am a Mechanical Engineer by trade, and have patents and trade secrets. These will get filed away with little remembrance, but a lot of the local towns people will remember the guy with a car in the trees! That's when I realized how good the town has been to me and my family (I'm a 4th generation townie) so I wanted to give back to the community in my own special way. My time at SUNY Geneseo allowed me to see this area in greater detail during student teaching. One of my assignment was to follow the school bus to see where my students "come from". One of my students lived in an abandoned school bus, only eating school provided breakfasts and lunches. It is rough to see anyone in this area, and in this day and age to have to go through such hardships. This is why I would like to keep this place open and available to ANYONE who would like to enjoy the tree houses AT NO CHARGE. My special education experience also showed me that I am fortunate to have a healthy family. This encouraged me to start to build an elevator to the tree houses, so kids that are "Ground Bound" have an opportunity to to go into the trees and experience the sway of a tree in the breeze. So I started building the "village square" (entrance deck) that would allow handicap accessibility to some of the tree houses. Other tree houses would also be connected with rope bridges and zip lines.This again got me thinking, how great it was that the tree houses in my past fueled my creativity and inspired me to build. I decided to contact my inspiration for the tree houses (Maurice Barkley in Henrietta) and invite him over for dinner. I wanted to let him know the positive result he and his tree houses had on my life. In our discussion, he said, "Joe, I am almost 80 years old and I cannot maintain my tree houses. I like what you are doing. Would you be willing to take on my tree houses?" I was honored and my tree house complex tripled in size. With growth this fast and the ideas for future builds I need help. The lack of maintenance on Mr. Barkeley's was unfortunate, and is forcing us to rebuild from scratch on many cases. Since the beginning, the tree house construction has brought people together. My family has been contributing throughout the construction process. Friends stop by and lend a hand as well. The positive response that we have been receiving, and the way the tree houses bring people together, and the joy on everyone's face are some of the many outcomes that we have hoped to achieve. Life is short, so enjoy it! We have been asked, "How do you pay for all of this?" Right now, all funding has been out of our own pockets. This is a private residence and technically, the tree houses are the playground for our children - we just would like to invite everyone over for a play date! We have been scrapping a few cars to gain money to help fund these tree houses. Metal scrapping, tree house maintenance, tree house building, grounds keeping, safety checking, etc becomes almost overwhelming at times, and family, friends and volunteers have come over and helped lighten the load. We also like to encourage volunteers to build, create, and try something that they would like to explore. If you would like to stop by, please get more information by a google search of "Tree Creations in Geneseo" Thank you for visiting and please enjoy!
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