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        Discussion Topic  RE: How to Decorate Your Bedroom (in Decorating) by andrewoneal
        This is the information that i am looking for cause i been thinking some idea on how to decorate my ......
        DIY Message Boards > Decorating

        Discussion Topic  RE: Opinions on flat roofs (in General Home Improvement) by andrewoneal
        In your question i will be very confident cause for me having a better material means quality ,in He......
        DIY Message Boards > General Home Improvement

        Discussion Topic  RE: Concrete Floors (in General Home Improvement) by andrewoneal
        I am planning lately to have an concrete floor home at home and i am happy to see some problem and s......
        DIY Message Boards > General Home Improvement

        Discussion Topic  RE: Kitchen Cabinets not closing (in Kitchen) by andrewoneal
        I think the problem their is those cabinets are not a line maybe you should re construct and so that......
        DIY Message Boards > Kitchen

        Discussion Topic  RE: Problems with Small Shower (in Bathroom) by andrewoneal
        I think changing the door is a good idea so that the water will not get out.Well last time that i en......
        DIY Message Boards > Bathroom

        Discussion Topic  RE: What to do when electrical wiring is not long enough (in Electrical) by andrewoneal
        Adding a wire is a good idea about it however you need to be very careful and use electric tape in o......
        DIY Message Boards > Electrical

        Discussion Topic  RE: Insulate unheated garage wall. Good or bad idea? (in General Home Improvement) by andrewoneal
        For me this sound bad idea but if you think that it is perfect for you on doing it well you should d......
        DIY Message Boards > General Home Improvement

        Discussion Topic  RE: Want to decor my home (in Decorating) by andrewoneal
        Those design are nice too me and if you want you home like that for sure you need to spend lots of m......
        DIY Message Boards > Decorating

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