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        Discussion Topic  Mysterious effluence along wall in garage (in General Home Improvement) by IndianaGuy
        I've encountered a problem, and I'm hoping someone can give me some idea how I might approach it. I......
        DIY Message Boards > General Home Improvement

        Discussion Topic  flueless outdoor gas fireplace (in General Home Improvement) by tstex
        Hello to all, Wanted to see if anyone has ever built or installed a flueless gas fireplace outside?......
        DIY Message Boards > General Home Improvement

        Discussion Topic  Divided Living room/Bedroom (in General Home Improvement) by sbling
        I am moving into an apartment where my bedroom is going to be a divided section of the living room. ......
        DIY Message Boards > General Home Improvement

        Discussion Topic  Protecting Carpet (in Floors) by sbling
        Living in an apartment with carpet everywhere. Hoping not to lose my security deposit, so I'm lookin......
        DIY Message Boards > Floors

        Discussion Topic  water drainage problem (in Outdoor Projects) by bambichik39
        I am new to this community so please let me know if I dont supply enough information. On the back o......
        DIY Message Boards > Outdoor Projects

        Discussion Topic  Need tips for adding dusk-to-dawn sensor to outdoor lights. (in Electrical) by SturdyNail
        I have two lights on my garage (one on each side of the door). They are carriage house style fixture......
        DIY Message Boards > Electrical

        Discussion Topic  pipe cooperability (in Plumbing) by Mrbubbles7
        We noticed that every time I washed the dishes the kitchen floor got wet. For a while we thought tha......
        DIY Message Boards > Plumbing

        Poll  Which bathroom looks best ? (in Bathroom) by ChakaChakas
        Hey guys, so I'm going to design my own bathroom sometime soon and I've seen a few cool looking desi......
        DIY Message Boards > Bathroom

        Discussion Topic  How to terminate wainscoting? (in General Home Improvement) by Mainer82
        I'd like to install wainscoting in our dining room, however the two entry ways that lead to/from the......
        DIY Message Boards > General Home Improvement

        Discussion Topic  Hanging ceiling fan from odd junction box (in Electrical) by PatPanz
        I have hung several ceiling fans before but I am not sure how to attach the base plate to this style......
        DIY Message Boards > Electrical

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