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        Paul Lafrance from Ultimate Deck wars Sign In/Join 
        I want to say that we just watched the show "Ultimate deck", we thought that the show was really good, but couldn't get past the fact that the host was so rude to one contestant about the fact that they built handicapped accessibility to their deck. I mean this is "Ultimate Deck" not "Ultimate perfectly non-handicapped persons Deck". He spent more time praising one team on their building techniques and less on congratulating the opposite team for their ingenuity on seeing that a ramp can be added and be useful to some people and look nice at the same time. Instead he kept hurling insults and knocking their idea down every chance he got...I thought this to be incredibly rude and unnecessary...not only did we like the handicapped accessible idea better but also plan on implementing some of that teams ideas into our own deck because not only do we have handicapped friends and family members but most people know or are related to at least one person who would appreciate this addition....P.S....I think my grandmother would be much happier being able to join the rest of the family on the deck talking and eating potato salad with the rest of us rather than be sitting in her wheelchair on the lawn with the dog...just sayin.
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        A couple of points as I haven't seen the show.

        1. What really happens during the taping of a show and what you see after the final editing are two completely different things. It's entirely possible that the 'rudeness' you saw was actually good-natured bantering between the host and homeowners. Editing can do just about anything. And, it is entirely possible that the host was a jerk.

        2. If handicap access is a concern, then there will certainly already be access into the house. Making a deck accessible from the house is an easy thing as there is hardly ever more than one step down from house level to the deck. On the other hand, making ramp access from a deck to ground can easily add thousands of dollars to the deck cost and take up huge amounts of yard space. As the maximum slope of an accessible ramp is 1:12, if your deck is only 5' off the ground you are going to need 60' of ramp (plus two landings in the middle). This could get worse if the deck is higher or if the ground slopes away from the deck. It is very easy to spend more money on a deck to ground ramp than the deck itself. Often between budget or available space it is just not possible to build a ramp to ground.

        Again, since I didn't see the show it's hard to say what was really going on, but that holds true even for whoever did see the final product on TV. A good rule of thumb: Reality TV is nowhere near real.

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        "Reality TV" is everything but real. Notice in the show credits writers are listed. Wonder what they may be writing, a story line is my guess. Hard to remember giving a reality show more than one episode watch. Ever, but that is just me.

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