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rehab addict

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Jan 01, 2014, 04:49 PM
Thomas D
rehab addict
does anybody know if she would be available to go out of her area, like maybe to PA to see a house and help fix it up?????

Is there anyway i can chat with here to ask?????

Thomas Dumez
Jan 01, 2014, 07:55 PM
Nicole goes where she wants to be. It has been the Twin Cities for a while because the supply of classic old houses is good and the market is lively. she's been in Detroit lately because she's homesick and wants to help her hometown. it's her business, she buys promise and sells restorations, believe she's licensed in real estate in both places, and there y'go.

there are a zillion "come to Gut Gulch" posts on her Facebook page, along with a few proposals that aren't going anywhere since she's found somebody more than a year ago. you can be a voice in the crowd either there or by contacting Nicole Curtis Designs.

between builds and a freezeout of the plumbing and boiler in her own Twin Cities home a week or so ago in sub-zero temperatures, I think there will be no immediate answers...

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