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        I need help! I live in a very close-knit neighborhood and do not ever want to leave. It took me 5 years to be able to move here and I am renting. We had saved our down payment and were ready if something ever became available. My husband was suddenly laid-off from his job and 2 years later, our savings was almost gone when he found another one. We live in Charlotte, N.C. a very up and coming city with increasing crime rate. We were invited to a party shortly after moving here 5 years ago and when I walked into the house, I felt "at home" It is a feeling hard to describe. I have never hard a long-term home. We always moved a lot so this was an amazement to me. There was nothing special about the décor or the house itself except it spoke to me. A year or so later the house was foreclosed and the owners ripped it apart as so many do. Since then it has simply set. It was auctioned and a bank bought it out. In May we had a flood and the downstairs had 4 feet of water in it. Still it sat, no one came to help it. We want the house, but like I said our money is limited. My husband now makes 1/3rd the salary. We can swing the payment but not the repairs. I love that home and would do whatever necessary to reclaim it from the mold and damage that it has. The agent and the bank do not revel to people that the house was flooded and damaged. So anyone buying it would end up overwhelmed with the damage. Is there anyway HGTV can help? A show in Charlotte would be awesome and an entire neighborhood will come to help. Like I said, we are close knit and everyone knows everyone. Most importantly, my husband and I would have our forever home to retire to and hopefully keep until we pass from this world. Every day when I come over the hill which is above our neighborhood, I thank God for allowing me to be here. Is there any way you guys could help? We just cannot afford to buy it and restore it too.
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        I'm not HGTV but I can tell you the answer - No, they cannot help you.

        What you can do is to apply for every show you can. Do this on-line. Still, the odds of getting on a show are almost impossibly long. Shows are not scheduled based on your need but rather are based on what will make a good TV show. This will include demographics, personality and location much more than how much you need a project. In short this is not going to happen. BTW, this is the DIY page, not HGTV although the two work much the same. Also, these forums are only loosely monitored by DIY, if you want to deal directly with them, you need to go to the DIY or HGTV home page and click on the "be on..." link.

        Some real world advice - and granted all I know is what you have written above: You need to step away and look at this house objectively. It may be your dream but it sure sounds more like a nightmare. Houses that flood once are almost certain to flood again. The total damage from flooding can be very expensive to repair - sometimes more that building totally new.

        I understand your desire to have a "home", most of us want that. Some of us have achieved it. But nobody gets it given to them. It may take a long time but saving what you can and waiting to find a real deal are a much better plan to get into a home.

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        if you can't give the dream up, get a certified home inspector to go through it. find a contractor friend to look the report over and ballpark costs to fix it up. that ought to move you on to another search, I am sorry to say. you can get a house financed if it meets code, but if you can't swing its value for the repairs, you will be miserable, or sick, or both. they don't finance repairs within the mortgage.

        in any event, most folks will find they need a 20 percent down payment these days to get a loan. that's a chunk of change, too, and it would take away from the ability to start repairs.

        find something sound and liveable unless you have a tub of money lying around. then you can nibble away over the years to get things as you like them. I didn't even try for a house until I got married and had two incomes and two sets of hands to do things, then we picked something that was comparatively underpriced because all it had had in 30 years was paint and a furnace replacement. 6 years later, and a lot of hard labor, we like it. praying the roof, furnace/air, and cars hold out at least two more years Wink

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