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Driveway tiles, slate, or pavers?

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Mar 17, 2013, 09:41 PM
Driveway tiles, slate, or pavers?
I moved into a house a few years back in Los Angeles. I have a normal drive way with no serious issues or cracks, but the previous owners wrote their names in the wet cement as well as walked across it before it was truly dry. I would love to uses pavers, tile, or slate over the existing driveway. I was injured at work this year, and the idea of digging up the driveway is not a great option. Originally, I thought of using outdoor tile to cover driveway, but I was advised not too due to potential cracking and slickness of the tile in the rain. Then I was reading about slate tiles, but they too were many complaints about being too fragile for a driveway. I finally looked into pavers, but it seems the original driveway would need to be dug up to install it. Is all of this true?

I should mention, I have very under kids, so traction in the rain and durability are high priorities... Thanks in advance...
Mar 17, 2013, 11:01 PM
If the current concrete is sound, I cannot imagine any reason why you would have to tear it up as opposed to covering it with a layer of tile, brick, pavers, slate or whatever. The only issue would be the extra height of the driveway - probably only a factor as you neared the garage.

Of all your choices, pavers would probably work best. Durable but also not slick.

Mar 29, 2013, 03:30 PM
First, do not use tile. They are very slick with just water, dew and other condensates, but add a little oil from a car or other, no way.

Not sure how much writing or footsteps are conspicuous, but what about simply cutting out this area, then having it repoured? you will have some color and size variances, but after a yr or so, it will all weather the same. As jaybee said, if the majority of the driveway integrity is good, then just remove the breached areas

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Apr 04, 2013, 12:14 PM
I would wonder about drainage. Our pavers are set in sand to allow drainage. It also makes it easy to take one (or a few) up if they need to be replaced or reset, and we don't worry about drainage when pressure washing or the heavy rains come. But I assume you would have to use mortar for this? Anyway, definitely not tile because of traction, but also bear in mind that slate can get slick, too. Also, when I considered putting slate over our concrete driveway (different house than the one with pavers) we were warned that the concrete underneath would have to be exactly level, or the slate tiles could crack. If you've got depressions from footprints or writing they would need to be filled in. As a matter of fact... could you fill in the footprints and writing and then do a decorative stain over the driveway to make it all less noticeable? Sorry about what the previous owners did - always baffles me that people don't think about resale before they do stuff like that.