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Leveling question

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Apr 05, 2014, 11:37 AM
Leveling question
I am in the process of leveling a 14x14 area for a fire pit section. I am going to put 12" x 12" stones down with the fire pit on top of those. My question is i leveled my area using clean fill of dirt only and tamped as compact as i think i can get. Do i need to put sand on top of this dirt also? It rained last night and the area became very soggy and it concerns me for after i get the stones on. Fyi information my area was 9 inches out of level from high to low so i split the difference and leveled. Any advice what to do after i have the dirt down to ensure it doesn't wash away?
Apr 05, 2014, 12:40 PM
If it were mine I would put a layer of "Crush & run stone. Compact with a vibrating plate compacter. They rent them out at most Big Box stores. Then I would put a layer of sand on top of that and while you have the compacter do this as well. As a final using some more sand (1-2")loosely scatter to use to embed the stone. Once you have your stone laid fill in the joints and compact them.

I would grade my work fromthe firepit out with a slight pitch to keep the water from puddling at the firepit and provide drainage off the area that you are going to be sitting at. No one likes to sit in a mud puddle and watch their fire get put out by standing water.