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Where should I put a stockade fence at?

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Jul 20, 2013, 03:34 PM
Where should I put a stockade fence at?
I live on a dead end street and I am the corner lot. I want to put a fence up but not sure where I should put the fence.The fence will of course run along the sidewalk but should I start it at the back corner of the house and come towards the side walk or should it be closer to the front of the house and come towards the sidewalk?Back of the houseClose to the front of the houseIn betweenNo fence

Jul 20, 2013, 04:09 PM
Nancy, this type of post which has a poll with prescribed options is typical of those sometimes used by spammers. So there might be some hesitancy to respond.

But assuming you're posting in earnest, I think the issues first are twofold:

1. What are the code enforcement regulations in your community? Do they permit fences bordering a sidewalk? And do they permit fences as high as a stockade would be?

Some don't - mine is one. Having an end lot could make a difference though. Make sure you're in compliance with your community's regulations.

2. What is your purpose for a stockade fence? Who and what are you trying to block out? Do you have a pet for which you want to provide a free run? Most importantly, which option better suits your intent?

Dont forget that if you put the fence directly adjacent to the sidewalk you'll have to use a trimmer to supplement the lawn when you mow it unless you leave enough space for the mower to cut along the fence border.

Looks like you get a lot of sun on your lot. If the fence is to deflect some of it off the end of the house, then it should start at the front side.

If you plan to landscape the side and put in shrubs like roses, the fence would also create a windbreak to help protect them, especially if you're in a northern state.

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Jul 20, 2013, 04:33 PM
Also consider cost of fence vs what you get for it. A lot does go back to your reason for fencing but if it's to contain a dog (or child) then it could work better to have a fenced back yard vs fencing the entire thing. For example, in your pic if the fence runs alongside the sidewalk but on as far as the front of the house, then takes a 90 degree angle over until it touches the front of the house - this would take a lot less fencing material than trying to enclose the front yard area on that side in front of the house, yet would only lose that small section of yard.