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        I am in need of some advice on what to do about the front of my house.

        We have gray siding on the house, black shutters and a black front door. I am looking to add a little color to the front door and shutters but do not know where to start.

        I don't have a picture at the moment, but can post one if that would help.

        The area isn't large - the front of the house (minus the one car garage) is about 25-30 feet with no front porch - only a small area where the front door is located is raised above the ground.

        I am in the process of landscaping the front yard - not a large space obviously. I want something that is different from the other houses in the neighborhood and makes ours have some curb appeal.

        Any advice? Thank you!
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        dark color paint in the sun has a tendecy to crack from overexpantion.

        you'll need a primer coat to help hide the black, and maybe a white intercoat. if you don't like the white, stay light... against the grey, you might try a light yellow. there's a house on my alternate way home like that and it looks fine.

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        In what area of the country do you live? Grey and white is a typical combination of some areas of New England and it can have a lot of charm, especially when the landscaping is complimentary. White doors and shutters lend a light, airy touch to the grey.

        Is your house one or two stories? Some of the two stories painted in your color scheme have a sort of Colonial look, and the black wouldn't detract from that style, especially if you added some brass lanterns.

        But black doors and shutters do make a house look kind of heavy.

        A photo would be nice, especially if you're interested in landscaping tips as well.

        Again, that depends on a lot of variables -climate zone, soil type, and especially your own personal preferences, such as how much time you want to spend landscaping, if you have a specific style (formal, Cottage, etc.), sun, shade and rainfall amounts.

        Other issues to consider: do you want evergreens, deciduous and/or flowering shrubs, perennials, annuals? Are there existing trees that might affect anything newly planted (e.g., creating too much shade, sucking up the moisture from the soil, etc.)?

        Do you have any particular color scheme in mind (i.e., dusty rose, white and red roses go well with a grey & white NE style house and yard).

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            DIY Message Boards  Hop To Forum Categories  Home Improvement  Hop To Forums  Outdoor Projects    Front Door/Shutters - paint/color help!

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