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        I am new to this community so please let me know if I dont supply enough information. On the back of my house I have a concrete patio thats roughly 12'x10' thats completely uncovered. The rain is washing the dirt away at the end of the patio down a sloping hill. You can now see the bottom of the concrete patio and under it. Any ideas on how to fix this issue? I really don't have 3k to drop, but do want to fix this properly before the slab cracks. Please let me know if you need more photos. I plan on putting a small privacy fence wall on the end of the patio since I'm so high compared to the neighbors, so there will eventually be that there as well.

        Apparently my photos are too big, but heres a link to them.
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        I would get some decent size gravel, in gravel I mean something like # 57 stone and place around the edge (6") to within 1-2" of the top of your pad. Then use soil on top tamped down. Slope the soil away from the top edge at least 18-24" out into the yard. Sow with grass seed and cover with straw. Once the grass is established the water from the pad will just flow on top of the grass out into the yard. It will also help you in maintaining your yard when mowing and help in trimming around the pad.

        Depending on the amount that has been undermined you can tamp either stone or soil under the edge before you apply the remedy but I doubt that it is significant enough to warrant too much repairs at this point.

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        You could also create a decorative edge that would stop the under-slab erosion by installing landscape timbers within a couple of feet of the slab perimeter and fill with mulch, plantings or a gravel bed. Your problem is certainly not very bad at this point so even a small effort at containing the erosion should work.

        BTW - Great first post. All the information needed and good pictures.

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        Interesting that I have a fairly similar patio except for two things; the earth around it is flat and at the same level as the concrete so dirt tends to migrate onto the slab and my slab IS cracked.
        I'm wondering if your slab is a trip hazard. Maybe my kids and I are unusually clumsy, but I can picture us tripping nearly every time we move from the yard to the patio. If that is an issue, then you might keep that in mind as you plan a way to contain your concrete.
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