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Building a Shed - follow this thread for some good How Not

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Apr 04, 2013, 02:36 PM
Building a Shed - follow this thread for some good How Not
From - a soon to be famous shed construction thread.
Build to Fail, Fail to Build

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Apr 04, 2013, 04:10 PM
Now that is awesome!

Apr 04, 2013, 07:04 PM
At first my reaction was similar to that of other posters on the linked forum - critical and judgmental. How could someone make so many mistakes and continue to blunder on?

Then I realized how sad this situation is. The landlord obviously needs some help and guidance, but the tenant just sits back and makes fun of him. I wonder if he'd be as condescending if the would-be builder wasn't Korean (which the tenant chose to mention).

The kind thing to do would be to find an interpreter and warn the landlord about the problems that will inevitably occur and the safety risks involved. Offer to help instead of making fun of someone who's obviously trying hard but doesn't know what he's doing.

But given the tone of some of the other posters on the linked thread, as well as their avatars, I suspect that extending a helping hand isn't automatically in their nature.

The same observation applies to Falcon67, who joined today and posted only once, offering nothing positive and only this link to people making fun of an apparent nonnative American's DIY ability. Falcon67's just as bad as some of the spammers.

It's especially inappropriate for this board, which other than spammers consists of very knowledgeable people who are more than willing to extend their time, advice and guidance for the issues we raise. (Some of the questions I ask here probably seem stupid and/or basic to others, but no one here has ever made fun of me, for which I am appreciative.)

And FYI, my comments are not directed toward Jaybee or other posters on this forum.

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Apr 05, 2013, 12:21 PM
now, now... we all made mistakes once, didn't we? uh, rather, didn't you?

I sort of expected the old 7-year-old variant... lean four pieces of whatever you found against each other. no, in a square, sort of. nail 'em. put something on top. add a lean-to. second story on the lean-to. paint it, sort of.


oh, wait, we need a door. but can't be seen using a saw. too sharp. take off one side.

worked for me Wink


that isn't a shed, it's more of a house. sort of. somebody needs to give that landlord a B&D book of sheds and garages. and a level.

and a hard hat. Kevlar one.


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