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        I am trying to figure out if I can edge my asphalt driveway by digging 6" deep and 1'-6" wide along the edge and just pouring quikrete to fill?

        I would like to widen my driveway by a foot on each side and leave 6" for stone paver edging or plants.

        Please help with some knowledge before I get to the point of no return.

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        There is no reason why you cannot widen your driveway as you describe although there are a couple of things to consider if you do this:

        1. This will be more than you want to do with 80 lb bags of concrete mix. It depends on the length of your driveway but each cubic yard will get you 36 linear feet of border. Measure the entire run do the math and you'll see how much concrete you need.

        2. If you tried to do this using 80 lb bags of mix, then each bag will get you 11" of run.

        3. Although 6" of concrete is pretty strong, since the pour is only 18" wide it will likely crack if the weight of a car goes onto the border. To avoid this, lay in a couple of runs of #4 rebar before pouring your border.

        There are other ways to make a Border that are more DIY friendly. You can trench out the same area but do a gravel base with pavers. These will have enough 'give' so that they will not crack if a car runs across them. There are also grass parking paver blocks available. These are pavers with open spaces inbetween that allow grass to grow through. Big downside with these though is that they are fairly pricey.

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