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        Picture of GardenSprite
        You may have noticed that there has been a massive spam attack in the Knitting Section of the Hobbies and Crafts Forum.

        Three spammers have been prolific, each of which has been reported to DIY with the request that the posts be deleted and the spammers' IP addresses be blocked.

        Relying heavily on Swschrad's advice, I have reported directly to Microsoft the potential of the Vasyaboy spammer attempting to sell pirated software.

        The Vasyaboy spammer has posted 59 spam posts, all done today. I have reported it 3 times to DIY.

        After some time and more than a few dead ends, I've found information on how to report pirated software to Microsoft and Adobe.

        The Microsoft direct reporting form isn't usable for this situation because it's designed for someone who actually purchased potentially pirated software. Unless a purchase data is provided, the form cannot be completed or submitted.

        The following source offers at least a phone number for Microsoft. I'm in the process of contacting Adobe, and possibly other software manufacturers whose products are the subject of the various gibberishly nonsensical posts.

        I post this in case anyone else wants to contact Microsoft and/or Adobe, as well as to advise Forum members that some action has been taken.
        Posts: 1926 | Registered: Oct 06, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
        Picture of CommonwealthSparky
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        Thanks for all the work involved in this task. Not that I ever click on spammer material but somewhere along the line some malware got past my MacAfee account. Larry from Middle America{?} or Punjob, India helped lessen the pain after about a half hour. Thanks John MacAfee, where ever you are.
        GoBack was a great third party application that could reset your hard drive back to a safe start up point. Well every PC maker got on board with a similar program. Did clean up most of the trainwreck though.
        I had constant third party ads flashing annoyingly ever present for a day or two. Dang, Joe Dirt would have known better.
        Thanks again for your diligence, GS. Razz

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        Popeye only reached for the Spinach can as a last resort...
        Posts: 1535 | Location: Central Pennsylvania | Registered: Jun 02, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
        Picture of GardenSprite
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        Thanks, CS. Sorry to learn about the malware attack. I'm not sure that any of us really are protected even with McAfee, Norton or other programs. It seems the bad guys are always ahead of us.

        I've just been reading about the Deep Web and it's really unsettling. It constantly amazes me that there are so many disturbed people who willingly engage in criminal activities. Too bad there's not some way to perform a massive cyber lobotomy.

        I think anyone who clicks on any of the spam in the Knitting section could well expect some nasty stuff to turn up on his/her computer.

        I've had response from Microsoft; the e-mail is monitored only to respond; their chosen method of receiving piracy reports is by the link which I mentioned I cannot use because it requires information that's totally inappropriate for this situation. So on Monday I'll call, then also report to one of the software piracy assocations and let them deal with all the manufacturers affected.

        I see one of the bots is back again and there's also a new one. This is really getting out of hand. Maybe we could get the DIY hosts with the sledge hammers to somehow cyber hammer these bots out of existence. Wink
        Posts: 1926 | Registered: Oct 06, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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