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Insulating Basement Rim Joist with Brick Gap

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Jul 04, 2013, 04:44 PM
Insulating Basement Rim Joist with Brick Gap

I am contemplating finishing a basement and have been reading on insulating. My basement has block walls with brick on the exterior lower half of the house to cover the basement block. The upper level of the house has vinyl siding. The main question I have is how to seal/insulate the rim joist when there is a gap between the block and the brick that is visible when looking between the floor joists inside the basement (see pictures). I want to properly seal this area without causing any moisture issues. I have never had any water, damp walls or floor in my 6.5 year old home however there is the occasional damp basement smell. What is the best way to seal this area? Can this gap between the block and brick be sealed inside my basement? Can I cover this area up with foam insulation cut to fit between the floor joists? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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Jul 04, 2013, 05:53 PM
you are going to have to do something with those Romex cables hanging on bicycle hooks, before you build framing and put walls down there. the thing to do is drill 5/8 holes in the center of the joists and repull 'em. remember, now, no open splices, and do one at a time so you reconnect properly to the right breaker and load.

as for the joists... present best case recommendations I have found googling around is to foam those spaces, and put 5/8 fireblock sheetrock over the open side of the foam at the edge of the block to make it legal. I suppose glue the edges in place with fireblock silicone. I'm finding nobody is recommending fiberglass in those end spaces now because it condenses water as the temp rises and falls.

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