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        Hello to all,

        We are building our pool and summerkitchen [and yes, I will send out invites for a fall bash], and wanted to get your opinion on outdoor built-in refrigerators.

        The prices vary greatly, just like the gas grills. Just trying to get a sense of what makes a 7cu ft refrigerator worth $2495.00? Is there a specific make/model I should either focus on or exclude?

        Looking for best value and something that will work a long time and perform well. It will be installed in a covered summerkitchen w no direct sun/UV rays. We live in Houston. All thoughts and options are welcome.

        The person w the recommendation that works best, will get first choice on beverages and first in line when the food is served. Smile

        Posts: 378 | Registered: Jun 23, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
        Picture of GardenSprite
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        Tex, I'm more curious about the concept of a summer kitchen. I know they were used in earlier historical times, before A/C, but am wondering if this is a trend now in Texas, or a better method of keeping the heat build-up to a minimum in an indoor kitchen.

        Whatever your reason, I applaud your efforts! I've wanted a summer kitchen for years but it's not feasible given my land configuration. So I'm envious of your efforts.

        As to why a small frig would be worth $2500, my opinion is that without special outdoor accomodations, it's not, but retailers can set those prices if there are people willing to pay such an exorbitant price. I think there's a segment of the American population that perceives high price to equal or infer high status.

        I'm wondering though how the frig would be protected against blowing or driving rain, even if the outdoor kitchen has some weather protection. And hasn't Houston been subject to occasional flooding in the past? Will the frig be on an elevated platform?

        I'm assuming also that you'll add a locking device to the frig to secure against unwanted intrusions by either bipeds or quadripeds.

        Raccoons can be very inventive when it comes to accessing food. Some neighbors in my area have said that raccoons come out on garbage night and have learned how to remove the covers from the plastic garbage cans. Opening an outdoor frig for a raccoon family feast should be a piece of cake for them.

        I'm also assuming that most outdoor grills are gas but the frig would I assume be electric, so I'm also assuming that that would be a consideration as well.

        Are you creating a baking oven, such as the kind used to bake bread, or will you be using some kind of barbecue? Do you have any plans for a substitute oven for nongrilled items?

        I obviously won't be first in line for the food and drinks, but I most certainly will think about all your other friends celebrating your new kitchen.

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        Posts: 1983 | Registered: Oct 06, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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        Thanks G-Sprite...

        The concept is to be Hou Tx, that is enjoyable w the exclusions of July-Aug-Sept depending on humidity...since there is a pool too, then that takes a bite out of the heat some.

        No baking ovens...fireplace, gas-grill w rotisserie, and maybe later a fire pit. The refrig will be built-in and top will be covered by granite overhang and approx 22' of roof covering on front side...they are made to be off ground and I will have it [and all outside outlets] on a GFI. It will also have key-based lock. If a hurricane does plan on coming, I will pull the power to the whole back yard and empty prior to leaving..if it has to be off, will only be for a few days max.

        Finally, I saw that the amps drawn on a unit were 20? That is A LOT OF JUICE. I hope that is an intermittment draw and continuous...that's like having another condensing unit compressor running.

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        Posts: 378 | Registered: Jun 23, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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        maybe that unit was designed to be submerged? that's a LOT of scratch.

        only thing I can think of is extra insulation and more compressor output. shop around, there has to be a better price.

        sig: if this is a new economy, how come they still want my old-fashioned money?
        Posts: 5869 | Location: North Burbs, MN | Registered: Mar 14, 2007Reply With QuoteReport This Post
        Picture of joecaption
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        Only one's I've seen that high are propane, 12 volt and 110 volt.
        Just buy a regular ref.

        Posts: 18046 | Location: Hartfield VA | Registered: Jan 31, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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