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T-111 indoors - feature wall ?

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Aug 03, 2013, 07:20 PM
T-111 indoors - feature wall ?
So, my bedroom wall is bubbling due to 2 coats of paint over wallpaper glue. We thought we cleaned it well but apparently not. Now, I'd like to avoid scrapping it all down and filling in with putty and sanding. Can I use T-111 on that wall? I like the rustic look and it'd would go with the cottage/rustic look I'm going for.
Aug 03, 2013, 07:35 PM
You can, I'd probably opt for Hardi-Panel if you want to paint it a color. If you want to go with the wood color use real wood T1-11, but for a painted surface Hardi is easier to paint and isn't as rough as real wood T1-11. Hardi gives you the texture without the splinters.

I used Hardi-Panel T1-11 on two screen porches I built for the interior walls.

Another less messy and cheaper option would be to scrape and clean the walls with TSP and then cover the drywall with a paintable wallpaper underliner. This is a heavy paper that can be put on paneling and cinderblock to smooth it out for wallpaper. There are also paintable embossed papers that could be used.

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