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        I am sorry to be such a bother but I really do need the help of the "experts" on this list. Question - I do not have a planner and I would like to reduce some 3/4 inch maple to 3/8 or 1/2 inch. I was wondering if I could do this with my table saw. My thought was to take perhaps 1/16 of an inch off on each pass until I reach the desired thickness. Will this work? If it does are there any special things I should watch out for? Will the wood warp or twist or do funny things? Should I stop at 1/2 inch or is 3/8 inch realistic? Any other comments would be greatly appreciated.
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        Definitely a big maybe.

        A 10" table saw can make a 3-1/2" deep cut so if your material is larger than that then the answer is - no. Don't even consider flipping the wood if it's thicker than3-1/2" as the cuts will never line up.

        Even if your stock is small enough, the cut will not be very pretty coming out of the table saw. If you have a belt sander then that will be your next step.

        One thing that will make this more possible would be if that planed (cut) surface will be up against something else so it will not be seen. If this is the case then it frees you up a lot as you do not need a perfect surface. OTHO, if both sides of the wood will be visible than you are pretty much wasting your time. The look of the the two sides will be different and will take stain and finishes differently.

        Maybe a good excuse to buy a used plane. Or find a friend with one.

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        you may also be able to rent a planer.

        there are lowball units in the $200-300 range, which might work. the primary differences between, for want of better terms, hobby and production, power tools are stability and longevity. pro tools will have better engineering, more heft, roller instead of ball bearings and larger to boot, and metal gears instead of sintered or nylon. the motor will be built for longer duty cycles, less heating.

        for a few boards without trying to buzz off a quarter inch of hardwood at a time, it might be just fine. if you don't want to keep it afterwards, list on Craigslist and get some money back.

        just a thought or two from a guy who never passes up a project if it means buying a tool or two.

        (( sell a tool? sacrilige! heresy!! ))

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        Do you have a high school or college that does shop work near you.?
        You help them, they help you.
        We use to have tractors, cars, etc., in the auto shop and furniture etc., in the wood shop.
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