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        Hello DIY board.
        Working with a contractor on a complete home renovation and have a question.We paid for the kitchen cabinets on 2/28/14 and as of today,4/17/14 ,no cabinets. We're being told that because of weather there have been delays.Does this sound correct? We live on the east coast. I get the impression that this contractor may be using our cash on other projects. Your questions and opinions are very welcome.
        Posts: 100 | Location: Silver Spring, MD | Registered: Aug 01, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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        Sounds as if you may be correct. There are a couple of possibilities. One being that if they are custom cabinets made by a particular individual it could be delayed on his part for what ever reason. Second being that your contractor might have ordered the cabinets and used your finances for another venture of his and the cabinet maker will not release them until he recieves his payment. Either way I would get to the bottom and find out where the delay is. Contact your contractor and have him to supply you with the cabinet company and followup. Weather has no adverse affect on building cabinets.

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        Posts: 1789 | Location: Applachain | Registered: Feb 27, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
        Picture of GardenSprite
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        Well, there have been some serious weather issues on the East Coast that have affected transportation, but those are pretty much over now. Even so, I agree that your contractor's excuse sounds "fishy".

        Do you know who the cabinet maker is, and if so, have you contacted him/her/it directly? If not, as Redoverfarm suggests, you might want to demand that your contractor provide the contact information so you can verify the contractor's claim. If he refuses to provide that information, that's not a good sign. And if so, you might want to think about contacting an attorney.

        In the meantime, I wouldn't pay him any more money until this is resolved. I would also document every single phone call and/or personal contact with him.

        Is the kitchen remodeling the first step in the complete home renovation, or have you had other rooms redone without problems? Is he still performing work on your house?

        If you paid for the cabinets by charge card, have you notified your card issuer that there is a nondelivery issue with the cabinets? Depending on when you paid, you may still have recourse under the Fair Credit Billing Act to have your card issuer stop or reverse payment. I'd address this issue immediately.

        In the meantime, you might want to check with the Maryland state department that maintains licensing requirements and info on licensed contractors to determine if there are other complaints against your contractor.

        Lastly, check with your local circuit or other court of jursidiction to determine if there are any lawsuits against the contractor. Hopefully for your sake there aren't, but it's better to find out now than later in the event this contractor fails to deliver.

        Good luck, and I hope you can get some resolution quickly.
        Posts: 1979 | Registered: Oct 06, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
        Picture of Jaybee
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        Maybe, maybe not. But it doesn't sound quite right.

        Cabinets can have a long order time. I know that various brands that I deal with can run from 10 days to 4 months. I don't understand the full payment up front thing though - that is highly unusual (in fact, have never done that). It is common for cabinetry to require a 50% DP to get into production but the second half is only paid upon delivery. How the details all work are a matter ow what cabinet company, how the cabinet distributor works and what kind of financial relationship your contractor has with the cabinet people.

        In any event, this could be easily cleared up with a few answers to basic questions:

        1. Why did you have to pay in full up front?
        2. What was the original delivery date?
        3. What is the current delivery date?

        While it has been a tough winter any deliveries should not be delayed by more than a few days. Now, if the winter somehow impacted the factor making the stuff, then there is a reasonable excuse for a long delay. Currently you are only looking at a 6 week time frame between order and now - not unusual for production and delivery to take longer than that.

        Posts: 10500 | Location: Knoxville, Tennessee | Registered: Sep 27, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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        First, did you sign a contract? If so, what does the t&c's state regarding materials, deliveries, completions, timelines and workmanship?

        Next, is this a question of the cabinets needing to be made first and then delivered, or just delivered? If the latter, then you have a [real]problem, based on what you posted.

        As stated, you need to call a meeting of the minds and get to the heart of the matter. Unless you are legally obligated, you should not pay another dime until you get to the truth.

        Good luck and keep us posted,
        Posts: 378 | Registered: Jun 23, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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