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        I had to remove caulk around an outside window. The window is double pained, around 12 years old, not sure if the frame is vinyl or fiberglass. The frame is in good shape. The window frame is framed with decorate wooden trim. It is on a stucco house. The gap between the window frame and wood trim varies from 5/16 to 2/16, and varies in depth, where it meets the stucco, from 1/2 inch to 1 inch. Of course the 1 inch depth is where the gap is about 2/16 thick.

        Will it be hard, possible, to get the caulk into the 2/16 gap 1 inch depth? Would I need to try to fill all they way to the stucco? Would I need to do it in increments, fill in a layer, let it settle, fill in a layer, etc.?

        Of course I know water can destroy things, and want to do a good job. However the window is under an eave, and under a water proof patio cover so it is not going to get much exposure to wind, water, rain, etc.

        Might as well ask the experts while I am here. What type of caulk would be best.
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        caulk by itself is not going to fill a 1-inch gap. shoot a little caulk, press in foam backer rod (sold in little rolls in pouches at the home centers) to bring the gap to maybe 1/4 to 1/8 inch behind the stucco, and then caulk to fill the surface. the initial caulking is meant to hold the backer rod in place.

        if you're going to paint ever in the lifetime of the house, you need to use a 50+ year lifetime caulk, latex or siliconized latex.

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        Maybe you should loosen the window and push it tight against the frame, re tighten, and caulk it in the normal fashion.
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