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Please Help Organizing a Small Entryway!

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Jun 06, 2013, 11:44 AM
Please Help Organizing a Small Entryway!
Hi guys! We need some serious help organizing an incredibly small entryway. There are air vents behind the banister so we cannot blow out that wall. My fiancee actually hurt his ankle real bad tripping over shoes in this small area - we have no choice but to put things on the landing or the small ledges on the opposite wall. Please help! We have no idea how to maximize this space - we are both new medical residents with a lot of loans, and will not be able to spend too much. please help - many many thanks to all! Smile

Entryway 1 - looking down from kitchen

Jun 06, 2013, 12:29 PM
Kind of hard to tell what I am looking at in the photograph. It appears there are two landings or at least one and then a lower level to a basement area. Anything placed or made would have to be portable to enable moving larger items through the area. If you could incorporate that lower level then that would free up the upper landing. I would consider a stacked unit with a shallow depth that could be somewhat a small bench and boxes for shoes and the like.
Jun 06, 2013, 01:24 PM
here is coming in from the garage. There is this landing, then you go up into the kitchen or down into the basement. See the first picture from the main post to see us looking down from the kitchen


Jun 06, 2013, 02:06 PM
practically, you can blow out the wall and move the HVAC ducting. question is, what do you want to do with the space, and what are you giving up on the other side?

for starters, lay down a hard and fast rule: this is NOT a mudroom any more. get rid of all that cruft collecting there, umbrellas and the whole bit.

then determine whether that entry wall is load-bearing, because if it is, it's not worth fooling with that entry unless you have thousands of bucks handy. decide if you can give up space on the other side of the wall.

if the answers are basically NO, then tile and dress up the step-down and make that the mudroom. coat hooks or an open armoire, etc. fresh paint, a little decor, etc. but keep junk from collecting.

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Jun 06, 2013, 02:12 PM
Hi docdaughertys,

Your pictures help in understanding your problem, though I have a few questions so I better understand the issues and what the pictures seem to present.

In picture one you state that this picture is taken as though you are looking down stairs to the landing. The landing has access to the right of it where you enter your home from the garage. Also the stairs appear to go beyond the landing to the basement, where the water meter and waterlines are visible at a lower level.

If this is true, you might wish to mount a 10" wide shelf on the block wall where there appears to be a shorter knee wall at the far ending of the landing and also on the right when you enter from the garage. You shelf can be mounted on the block wall below the knee wall with heavy duty picture hooks so that it can be easily be removed, if need be. This shelf can act as a location for placing footwear so that it is up off the landing and not taking up space there. In addition, the shelf could have coat hooks on it for jackets, etc. Below is an example of what of what I mean, i.e. view the Colonial Coat Rack with Shelf in the link below.

All you would need to do would be to drill several Tapcon screws (2 1/2" long) in the brick wall (preferrably the mortar between the blocks) and attach heavy duty pictures hangers to the back of the shelf such as these in the link below, being sure that the Tapcon screws and the picture hangers are level, in line, and evenly spaced with one another.|1&facetInfo=

This would allow you to remove the shelf at any time you needed greater space when going down the basement. However, it would allow you to store footwear and coats out of the line of constant travel. If you needed more shelf space within easy reaching distance of the landing, look for a unit which has 2 shelves with the coat hooks below the lower shelf or make your own. The length of the shelf doesn't need to be too long otherwise it becomes difficult to reach from the landing but 24 to 30" should not be too difficult to manage and yet the shelf would allow several pairs of footwear to be kept there and with an additional shelf, hats and scarfs, or gloves may also possible. The only issue you may have is to not put too much weight on the shelf so that it bends the heavy duty picture hangers which may cause the shelf to collapse.

Some thoughts to consider. Others may have additional suggestions.

Good Luck!

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