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Double Closet Proportions, etc

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Nov 08, 2013, 06:55 PM
Double Closet Proportions, etc
I am going to build a double closet along a full wall in a basement bedroom like this one: double closet sample

My room is just under 12' wide and I have a bulkhead on one side so to clear the bulkhead, I need to have at least 12" returns on both ends and two double door closets. Obviously the space between the two sets of double closet doors will depend on the size of the doors I use. The biggest door I can get and preserve my 12" returns on each end is 24". The kind of door I am looking at comes in 18" or 24". So two 24" doors with my casing are 56" wide, so my room width of 142" subtract (12"+56+56+12) leaves me a 6" gap between the sets of doors. An 18" door leaves me a 26" gap in the middle.

1. With the 18" doors, should I extend my return to 17" on each side leaving me with a 16" gap in the middle? Is that too big a return for the "reach in/around"
2. Would a 6" gap in the middle be ok with the 24" doors and 12" returns?
3. What am I not considering about the utility of the various size doors?
4..Am I over thinking it?

Nov 08, 2013, 08:26 PM
The actual space needed for bi-fold double 24" is 49-1/2 which includes 3/4 trim boards on each side. The casing is usually 2-1/2" with 1/4" set back. I would adjust the total to where the returns and middle portion are uniform. The 6" in the center will not look right once your casing is applied. 10" return on both ends and middle equal 30" total. Given your 56" measurments with 10" returns and midddle figures to 10+56+10+56+10=142"
Nov 08, 2013, 09:08 PM
Thanks redoverfarm. So keeping the return and middle gap symmetry is good?

a few clarifications, I cannot reduce the return because there is a bulkhead that extends out 12" on one side so I cannot start the door casing until after 12". So if i want symmetry, i will have to go to the 18" door and extend the returns to match the middle gap. As far as the door width, these aren't bifolds, I have 20" and 30" double doors in other closets in my house already (even though the house is only 8 years old I cannot find the 20" ones for sale anymore). the width of two 20" doors with casing is 48", so I assumed that two 24" doors would be 8 inches more than the door width' or 56"

Is there such thing as pre hung double doors, or a I putting these together myself?

When building the stud wall, can I just glue the toe plate to the laminate floor and tap on through into the concrete?
Jul 18, 2014, 08:52 PM
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