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        I'm sure there is already a a topic on this, but I couldn't find it.

        I have 2 friends who need to have their home rebuilt. I wont go into all their problems but suffice to say their house is falling apart. Both are extremely disabled and on limited income.

        What I need to know is if anyone knows of any agencies or organizations that operate in Colorado that can help them.
        And believe me they need it.
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        Greyelf, there have been topics on this subject, but not for quite a while.

        First, are either of your friends Veterans? If so, and depending on whether their disabilities are service connected, there may be some help from the VA.

        Secondly, I don't know what agencies and/or organizations are specifically operating in Colorado, but I can suggest some that generally operate throughout the country. You or your friends could research online to determine where and if they have offices in Colorado.

        (a) Try the Area Agency on Aging.

        It isn't a contractor itself, but it can offer referrals to other agencies which might be able to help. Inquire whether they have an annual Expo on Aging in your area. In SE Michigan, they're held annually in the fall. Dozens of other agencies (as well as commercial contractors) have booths and distribute information. These expos are excellent sources to get information on agencies that might otherwise be unfamiliar to the general public.

        (b) Habitat for Humanity

        (c) The family's community administration for HUD help. You might start with the code enforcement division, or senior division (if this couple are seniors), or the mayor's office, and work through the system until you find out which division handles administration of HUD contracts.

        Some communities get these HUD grants for emergency repairs. Last time I inquired of my community, these grants were made at the beginning of the fiscal year and distributed sometime in July or August.

        In the past the funds have primarily been allocated for emergency repairs, so it sounds like this might be applicable to your friends' situation. But they're trade specific, to the best of my knowledge. I don't believe there would be adequate funds to rebuild a house. Still, it sounds as though anything would help this family.

        If this doesn't work, contact your county government and ask the same questions.

        (d) Jewish Welfare Federation

        Your friends don't have to be Jewish. The JWF in SE Michigan has staff who are knowledgeable in social services available to people in need and offer advice as well. They can make suggestions on agencies that might be able to help.

        (e) Local c_h_u_r_c_h_e_s sometimes have community programs which help people in need. If they're by any chance of the M_o_r_m_o-n faith, the m_i_s_s_i_o_n_a_r_i_e_s, Relief Society and some of the other specific groups will offer limited help as well as food services. Same with some local Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops. This assistance may be limited to small projects, perhaps cleaning up the yard and chores like that.

        (f) Food pantries such as Forgotten Harvest. Although you didn't inquire about food support, your description of your friends' situation suggests to me that they might benefit from assistance with basic nutritional needs.

        (g) Lighthouse, which offers a variety of counseling services. I don't know the full extent of their programs, but there may be some which can connect your friends to contracting help.

        (h) United Way's hotline, 211.

        3. Is this family getting any in-home medical care for the disabilities? If so, their physician can script for a social worker in-home consult. The SWs have knowledge of organizations that could help.

        4. Have they contacted their local state and federal representatives to find out what agencies might help?

        Hope this helps.
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