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Merry Christmas and a general note

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Dec 25, 2013, 09:10 AM
Merry Christmas and a general note
Most important; Hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas Day. We are currently in the 'waiting for the last ones to awake" mode.

And an FYI that the Kitchen forum is basically shut down. Our spam bot has been posting auto spam messages steadily since last evening so the forum is filled with thousands of spam topics. Hopefully that will be enough to get moderators to kill some spam after the holidays.

Dec 25, 2013, 11:21 AM
Merry Christmas to all and sundry.

"moderators" generally only look at forums when there is a break in the action, or an action item comes across their desk, on most websites. when a site has volunteer moderation from the community, it seems the slop gets caught much faster. for an example, check the forums at which is mostly volunteer moderated. not much and it doesn't last long. in the golden years, AOL was pretty well moderated by volunteers.

something to think about. the pros wear too many hats.

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Dec 25, 2013, 01:35 PM
There are still a few actions that can be taken beyond waiting for Scripps/DIY to do something. And it may act faster if other legitimate entities are being referenced or drawn into this spam mess.

Anyone remember the guy who was posting fake Lowe's coupons? After Lowe's was notified and became involved, DIY took action very quickly.

One of the drug posts references purchasing of these illegal drugs through PayPal, which I'm sure doesn't want to be involved, even if it's just a reference. So I'm contacting PayPal.

Another post references a state in Germany.

"Antabuse cash on deliver cod. inexpensive Antabuse mail order Mecklenburg-Vorpommern", at

Whether or not the post is just gibberish, a German entity is being linked to illegal drug sales. Probably not high on the list of German authorities' drug actions, but it nevertheless might be of concern to them.

I suspect this isn't the only post referencing legitimate entities, which I don't think would want to be linked to illegal drug sales.

Anyone think Interpol would get involved in solicitation for illegal drug sales across various countries?

As SN suggested hundreds of posts earlier, I think this is a concentrated, planned, malevolent attempt to disrupt activity on the site, a DDOS I think they're still called.

No one could be so stupid as to think that hundreds of posts would get any response; there has to be another motive.

Swschrad wondered elsewhere what malware is lurking behind the spam links. I don't know about malware, but beginning yesterday Norton is picking up 11 tracking cookies from this site alone.

I typically run a quick scan after every Internet visit and was surprised that suddenly this site had 11 tracking cookies as my scans have never before picked up anything from here. Maybe Norton is just more sensitive as it's constantly updating its security measures.

But I tried something...Scanned, cleared the cookies, came back to this site and this site only and still had 11 tracking cookies.