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        I'm searching for a way to ask Nicole from Rehab Addict for advice. I don't see a way so I'm posting it here hoping it will get to her.

        We bought an old house in the Gold Rush neighborhood in Colorado Springs, if you haven't seen this neighborhood you should come visit.
        Our house was built as a Victorian in 1894, then in 1930s or so, Victorians were not cool anymore so they did a pseudo conversion to Tudor, so our house has a split personality already.

        The rooms are not ideal on the main floor. We have a massive entryway, small livingroom, small diningroom, small kitchen and front and back stairways which take a lot of space. We had planned to add an addition on the back to give us the big kitchen and a family room. That would allow us to keep the gorgeous entryway and double stairway.

        After living in the house for a year, I'm changing my mind, if we do that, we'll spend no time in the original house which I love. I'm starting to consider taking out the walls between the kitchen and entryway to allow our bigger kitchen and combine a great room/family room.

        I know you might not do either choice, but it's just too chopped up for today's living styles. Can you give us your opinion.

        We love your show, my husband and I do about all of our own work, and you've really inspired us with refurbishing ideas. Thank you for such a great show
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        1. While these pages are sponsored by DIY, DIY and their hosts do not have anything to do with advice here.
        2. TV show hosts are hosts. Design and construction are done by others.
        3. Since it seems you are just looking for an educated opinion as to how to proceed, you can get this from a talented friend, local designer or local design/build contractor. This is your best bet for getting the answers you are looking for.

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        one in a million chance you might get some advice if you join Nicole's Facebook page. but like all those commercial pages, it's really about program promotion. 80% of the posts are "you go, girl."

        one neat thing to do is hit the county historical society (or state) and see if they have any old records pertaining to your house or neighborhood. also research what fittings and treatments were used back in them there olden days, and renovate correct to the period. Nicole told those locals who came to the 4th Ave. N house's open house that she intended to take out the boarding-house hacks and open the place up. back then, it would be called "ballroom, sitting room, den/library, dining, kitchen" instead of an open-concept main floor with side rooms for doing business.

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