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Repost of Andrew123's Spam post

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Oct 11, 2013, 12:25 PM
Repost of Andrew123's Spam post
Andrew123 has apparently realized that his attempt to sell Lowe's coupons at a markup has been a massive failure.

20 of his posts have been deleted; the only 2 that remain have been scrubbed clean of any reference to his massive spam attempt.

I have contacted Lowe's, Hotmail and MSN (thus far - I'm not through yet). I don't know whether any of them were able to act on his attempts before he deleted the message, so I'm reposting it, only for the purpose of preserving it so appropriate authorities can take action.

"Lowe's Home Improvement 10% OFF Coupons For Sale!

Lowes AUTHENTIC INSTANT(PRINTABLE) INSTORE/ONLINE Coupon expires 11/21/2013 (always have fresh ones)

Good for Online OR In store!!! If you don't have a printer or have no access to a printer, don't buy!!!


Coupons are $3.00 each! I have plenty, If you order 10+ coupons I can drop price to $2.50 each!


NOT for use at competitors stores
Each coupon good for 10% off an Entire order up to $10,000
Save up to $1,000 for each coupon
Most Home depot stores are not accepting these coupons any longer
Good for use at Lowe's Stores only
Each one time use barcode
We ship Quick ship *picture on dates is not correct date
Coupons expire in this lot 11/21/2013

Thanks! "TYPE=PICT;ALT=Smile"

Andrew "