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        Hey, newb home owner here. I had some water soak through my bathroom dry wall along a corner, and it appears to have made down the the kitcen wall below.

        I started digging and found that there is an opening to the elemts on the side of my house. this is a rehabbed home to put it nicely. All I see on the outside is a box with a gutter coming out of it along the wall. Appears they just poked a hole through the wall to lay the bathroom exhaust duct, maybe melt overflow washing back into the wall. HI never said there was a hole in the wall!!....Anyway,

        I'm ok with redoing the interior but the location of the hole on the outside is in a bad place if I can't see whats going on from the roof, when the thaw comes.

        The more I think about it I may just have to hire out any external work to seal up the hole and terminate teh exhaust, relocate gutter if necessary....its in a precarious spot.

        What kind of contractor should I look for? I don't recall if I have any warranties, on the structure of the house all the junk mail was for appliance warranties and such. Would I call the insurance company first or get contractor quotes first? I know this is DIY but I wouldn't be comfortable on an extension ladder on the side of the house at least.`If I can hire out the wall repair and do the inside myself that would probably minimize the insurance claim, if they would cover damage incurred due to shotty workmanship, plus I would want to wait for a good rainstorm to see if the repair held up. Any advice for going through the process?
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        I would start with the insurance company and that way you will know whether it is covered or not.

        Secondly although your discription works for you being there and seeing what you are describing it does very little to enlighten those reading your post. We can only assume we are seeing what you are from the description. A picture would really help.

        There is one of two things that come to mind. The exhaust was vented through the soffit area at or near where the gutter is placed. That should never have occured and most are generally under the soffit boxing that the gutter is installed on. Caulking might help on "short term" but is not a permanent fix.

        Another thing comes to mind is that if you are in cold region and you have snow and ice on the roof in the area at the eve of the roof that you are getting what is called "ice dam". It is caused by warm air reaching the soffit area of the roof causing the snow and ice to melt and then backing up under the shingles thus running up under the shingles and through the sheeting and down into the wall cavity or ceiling.,,1131314,00.html

        Like I stated before these are just guess's. Maybe others might have alternative suggestions from your discription this would probably be mine.
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        I'll see if i can pictures in the day light, but to be more specific in the mean time,

        its a row house, I have the end unit. The hole is horizontal through the side wall, above the ceiling of the bathroom on the top(2nd floor).

        I removed drywall in the corner from the ceiling and walls, and wet R30 Pink Insulation to expose brick and framing/rafters(the outside of the house is stucco). From what I can see a few bricks are missing and there is daylight, the hole maybe 8-10 inches at its widest, the duct is about 3 inches wide.

        Unfortunately I haven't gotten on the roof yet so I don't know what it looks like up there or how the water flows to through the gutter, I expect its not like a box per se but there must be a small wall around the top of the roof.

        The exposed wall in question is stuccoed on the outside, no holes are visible from below. the box and gutter I refer to are about 2+ ft down from high point of the wall/roof and the gutter runs about 8 ft to the back corner of the house where there is drain below in the back yard.
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        Picture of GardenSprite
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        In what state or zone do you live? How much snow approximately do you have on your roof? Do you have any idea if there's an ice shield under your roof, and how much insulation there is in your attic?

        Did you get an inspection before you purchased your home?

        Redoverfarm's advice to contact your insurance agent is what I would also suggest as a first step. Photos would help as well, both of the exterior (but only if you can do so safely without climbing ladders placed on a snowy base) and of the interior leaky areas.

        I've had ice dams when the accumulated roof and gutter ice back up, especially when there's a rapid thaw as we had a few weeks ago after Arctic Front #1. In my experience, the first sign of them is water leaking through the plaster and dripping down either between the window or onto the window sills.

        Has it been warm enough for any roof or gutter ice to melt, and if so, can you see any coming from the downspout? Blocked gutter and downspouts can impede the flow of melt water.

        But I wouldn't try to make any repairs until the insurance agent views the damage. Ask if your carrier has a company it recommends for this kind of damage, but also ask if you can hire your own contractor. Be cautious about representing a capability to do the work yourself as in my experience that could cause the adjustor to assess the damage at a lower level since they wouldn't have to pay a profit for your services as they would for a contractor. But feel free to get estimates from contractors after you get one from the agent so you can compare.

        You said this looked like a rehabbed home. Do you know if any work was in fact done in the area where it appears bricks were missing, and by whom?

        Good luck.

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        Well I think I identified the issue, a hole in the side of teh stucco(picutre is to big to post. Its right next to the gutter box so I dont think I have to worry about all the roof snow melt water, unless there is also a roof issue(likely not, I hope). the water must be melting off teh top and dripping down the wall into the hole. I reread the HI report, and recall now the HI mentioned it and put it on deficiency list we were not able to verify if it was repaired, the morning of closing was hectic. The agent and I were rushing through to get to verify the list and get to the signing, seller said all but one different issue was taken care of. Never noticed a problem through the rain storms so I guess it slipped out of mind.

        It was proably cut out for teh fan exhaust as it serves no other purpose, and they didn't put a louver on it. Got in touch with insurance and two contractors, they said I can get started if I keep receipts and take pics. I'll wait for the adjuster for the interior. Hopefully, it won't be an issue as having been id'd by the HI previously.

        Yay homeownership Smile
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