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        Picture of sbling
        My current project is figuring out how to install a hammock into a corner of my home on the patio. There's plenty of space, the question is how to make sure I don't mess up.

        Using this I can calculate that there's going to be roughly 260lbs of shear force at a 30º hanging angle (about 10ft between two anchors, 114" hammock length, 24" off the ground in a hammock meant to hold up to 300lbs, if you are interested). Already own a hammerdrill, looking at installation hardware too. The hammock company sells this hanging kit (of course they're out of stock–though i can probably find it at a physical store rather than online) but the screws included are meant to go in wood...

        Any suggestions (I'll even take a, "that's a stupid idea why would you try that buy this hammock stand instead") or tips or all out guidance would be much appreciated.
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        Picture of GardenSprite
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        I don't think an anchored hammock is stupid, but will offer that a hammock on a stand can be moved around to catch the sun, shade or breeze. I see you'll have 2 anchors; can't tell is that means the patio is covered or not.

        It's been years since I've swung in a hammock but I have some vague recollections about ours tipping over. Maybe there were some kids playing in ours and that caused the tipping. Of course, the stands may be much sturdier now as well.

        Anyway, good luck with your project; it's nice to walk down memory lane and remember when just being outside doing nothing was a pleasure. Smile
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        if I had to knock some holes for a support, I would drill into the mortar, not the brick, and use a couple of epoxy-set expansion bolts into something like a 3x3 piece of angle iron (prepainted of course.)

        my preference would be to get an iron stand for the hammock, just to prevent knocking the anchors into a perfectly good wall.

        we use ours periodically during garden work, slung between perfectly good oak trees where the wind comes through, but the canopy provides nice shade. that's an easy mounting Wink

        sig: if this is a new economy, how come they still want my old-fashioned money?
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        Hi sbling,

        I believe you could find something similar that would work to mount your hammock to the brick wall.

        Below is link to a picture of what you might use.

        You could find something link this at a TSC store near you as well as other parts similar to your hardware link that you posted. To mount it to your home I'd be sure to use all 4 holes and use Tapcon screws at least 2" long in each so each shares the load when using the hammock.

        Others may have additional suggestions.

        Good Luck!

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        Just my opinion..
        I wouldn't tie into the brick wall unless you go all the way and into a stud.?
        Posts: 907 | Registered: Jan 29, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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