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        Picture of GardenSprite
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        Well, at least you're a spammer with someone who can write ads in English, unlike the typical "I very good, knows lots; good stuff me make."

        Still, you obviously missed an important term of use for this site:


        Apparently in your case it should also read "NO SOLICITING OR FUNDRAISING IS ALLOWED."

        I checked you out; apparently you've only raised $94 out of a $1,000,000 goal. So how much has private sector and North Carolina State Univeristy allegedly contributed, or is that just wishful thinking or misrepresentation to lure unsuspecting bait into your financial trap?

        Your audacity overwhelms me. If your system were as good as you claim, why aren't angel investors lining up to finance your research?

        Regardless, this is not a trolling site for a company on the make for funds.

        Spammers are unwelcome here; don't expect any support or sympathy whatsoever. Fundraisers are especially obnoxious.

        So are spammers who post the same message in multiple forms. Thus far I count 4 of your fundraising pitches.

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        Picture of GardenSprite
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        Sorry if I offended you by simply trying to draw attention to help us innovate a better choice for the consumer. If you do not see value in that, then please continue using the current systems and replacing them again and again. But thank you for your opinion.

        Let me first address the purpose of this forum, which is generally to post and answer questions regarding DIY projects on a variety of subjects. While R & D might occasionally be discussed in posts, that is not the primary purpose of the forum. Nor is it a forum to solicit financial support.

        The issue of value in product improvements certainly can be germane to the posts and answers, but the issue of helping you is not. We are not investors, financiers, or bankers. To pose the question as learning about your innovation efforts vs. using existing systems is not within the purpose of this Forum. If you want to discuss those issues fairly, it would be more appropriate to do so with other roofing manufactuers/companies, or with entities which have resources to finance your R & D.

        The issue of your innovation efforts vs. current systems constricts the subject to narrow parameters, and again is not within the scope of this DIY forum. This approach is a tactic often seen in cross examination, i.e., to “answer” a question by turning the issue to an unrelated topic.

        More specifically, other than financial support, how exactly do you propose that we support your innovation of “a better choice for the consumer?”

        I am willing to discuss this topic with you. I will begin by addressing your post.

        Your first comment is in regards to the funds collected. With the attitudes and mentality of people today, is it any wonder?

        Is your reference to “people” the DIYers here, the bankers who are sitting on cash piles or investors who are gambling on other companies and industries?

        The most prominent times in our nation was when we all had a pioneering spirit. Apple Computers started in a garage, Microsoft, Google, and Facebook in a dorm room. James Dyson's first prototype of the Dyson vacuum was made from cardboard. And the list goes on and on. Innovation is about "trying" in the face of opposition. Pushing through the difficulties. Enduring criticism from others. Even when it comes from the ones you are trying to make things better for.

        I don’t disagree totally with the first statement in this paragraph, but I think more innovations in infrastructure and technology which offered more value were made during periods prior to the high tech ones. The value added to life and commerce by the companies you mention in my opinion is not comparable to the value added during the Industrial Age. The transportation, engineering and financial innovations from earlier periods were of a much different intrinsic nature than those offered by Microsoft, Google and especially Facebook, whose privacy invasions are legendary.

        I don’t entire disagree with you, though, that innovation often faces uphill battles. Nor would I disagree that funding allocated for inventions is necessarily for those companies producing the most value added products or services.

        However, this website is not for the purpose of addressing those issues.

        The support from NC State is not financial, it is engineering and advisory support. Some of the best in the nation. It is not free. It has to be paid for, but we are innovating the most complete system in history so - no short cuts. The private sector refers to companies offering prototyping services as well as engineering support and consultation.

        It would seem more logical then that your presentations would be directed toward those sectors, rather than a forum of individuals.

        Your question, "why aren't angel investors lining up to finance your research?" Good question, but today's investors are looking more toward hi-tech, web-based, and similar technologies. That doesn't mean there isn't the angel investor out there who will look into building material investment, but they are few and far between.

        Generally true, but angel investors have been exploring opportunities made available by the limited legalization of marijuana, which I would not consider to be either high-tech (other than a few of the newly invented delivery devices), or web based (again, other than for marketing and sales purposes) or particularly meritorious.

        I understand your hostility toward spammers, I do. I hate them as well. We all do. But, I am not going to spam you or pressure you, or sell you on anything. I want to discuss a very important topic and a very real solution. Then, leave you, the consumer, the choice on whether you should wait for the industry to improve, or take action and support an improvement.

        Again, I question your choice of this forum for discussion of this issue and participation in a “very real solution”. What realistically could you expect from us? Would you really think that we’d be so naive and financially irresponsible as to invest in an unknown quantity such as your company?

        Our testing thus far has surpassed all industry standards in the categories of wind, impact, and fire. We are not finished however. NC state will soon be releasing a "Success Story" on our work thus far. I will make it available when published. There is much at this point, however, that must remain confidential until product release. I think you can understand that position.

        I think anyone who even might consider investing would require more data than is available at this point. Are you ready to provide financials?

        I am willing to try to discuss this topic as adults, if you are willing to be open minded to the topic.

        Fair enough?

        Let’s discuss then.

        This message has been edited. Last edited by: GardenSprite,
        Posts: 1923 | Registered: Oct 06, 2006Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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