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Motion picture associations monitoring for piracy

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Dec 09, 2013, 05:12 PM
Motion picture associations monitoring for piracy
Does anyone know, without doing some research, which if any movie association(s) is/are active in monitoring, researching, seizing and/or litigating pirated movies?

The nonsense being posted on the Knitting Forum for downloading free movies has gotten out of control and DIY's only response is to report each post individually as opposed to using the "contact us" form which has been successful in the past.

I think siccing the commercial entities being affected on the spammers will be more productive than reporting the probably close to dozens of movie spam posts now.

Dec. 12 update:

Reported all of the thus far 39 movie spammes' posts in the Knitting Thread to the Motion Picture Association of America's "Report Piracy" site:

Maybe they'll do something about the prolific solicitations by the movie spammers.

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