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HELP! cold air return -furnance

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Nov 19, 2013, 02:49 PM
HELP! cold air return -furnance
I have two story house basement and main floor, I have a closed up wall that I knocked a hole in to see how much space there was. the in closed area is 3ftx6ft, and only 1ftx2ft hole in floor is being used coming from my furnace above this empty room in attic is cold air return.the whole room is empty wasted space. I want to know if I can use 3ftx3ft to make closet. I want to build a wall in the center to completely close it off from the space where the hole is, there will be a wall from floor to ceiling drywall tape and mud it shut.
Thanks Linda

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Nov 19, 2013, 04:51 PM
is your filter before or after the space? If it is before ( at the air inlet ) then, if you use it as a closet or storage space, your coils will soon be plugged up from dirt or dust that will come in with whatever you keep in there, If it is closer to the furnace or air conditioner, then be prepared to replace filters often.
Also, the large space insures that there is an adequate amount of air available for complete combustion, and anything you keep in there reduces the volume of air available, leading to incomplete combustion and resulting in carbon monoxide
Nov 19, 2013, 05:13 PM
You can make it into a closet - add a wall to separate the return air space from what will be the new closet space and it will work out fine. Just open it up and try to store stuff in there and it will not work.

Other alternative is to add a duct to transition the space from floor to ceiling to carry the return air load. Best would be to do both - add a duct (sized correctly) and a wall. Now you have a nice closet space.

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