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I wish there were CRAFT programs again!

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Aug 11, 2013, 03:44 PM
I wish there were CRAFT programs again!
We used to be able to find crafting like sewing, scrap booking, wood crafting, beading those kinds of programs. When those left my house unsubscribed from many channels because there was not the craft programs we wanted on there any more Frown If somebody would bring those back I know many people who would watch them. The economy is so cruddy and for me I know to have a craft show that shows me how to use what I have in new ways is so exciting and a GREAT distraction form the worldly woes that are in the daily news. Not to mention a wonderful way to teach youngsters fun projects that get their creativity active. I miss the shows that will not likely come back like Carol Duvall, but I know with the searches you do to find a new star to make shows, there has to be many people who would love to do crafting shows too. I get tired of shows where they sell something, and you have to buy the item to get instructions-like HSN Frown But please get some Crafting programs going for us crafters Smile Or even if you had past program series that we could buy so we could craft 'with' someone else, LOL! I miss shows I can craft with. Just a suggestion, and Thank You for considering the idea, if you do. Big Grin

Janet Smile

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Aug 18, 2013, 12:47 AM
hey I thought I was the only one I miss crafters coast to coast, that's clever, Martha Stewart Living I miss all of it seems like the only shows that play on DIY or HGTV is all about renovating I don't have they need for renovating I want to know how to do new craftShow do we get them to at least play reruns if not make new shows? It is almost like an addiction and I cannot find my fix lol. SOMEONE PLEASE AY LAST PLAY RERUNS!
Aug 18, 2013, 12:59 AM
Try checking your local PBS stations for craft programs. They're the only stations I've seen in years that are still running various craft programs. The HGTV gardening, quilting and other similar programs seem to have been cancelled.

You might be able to find some online though.
Aug 19, 2013, 08:07 AM
I wish they would carry better gardening shows. Current shows where groups of people rush in plant odd plants and add 10,000 dollar fireplace waterfalls are truly out of touch. But just my opinion.

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Aug 19, 2013, 11:58 PM
CS, you are so right about the gardening shows, but they're really not about gardening as were the old HGTV shows with Erica Glasener and her counterpart (whose name I can't remember) in Canada. Her show, A Gardener's Diary, was one of my favorites. She and her guests were very knowledgeable about plants - true gardeners.

I found this link to her visit of the Chelsea garden show in 2012. Thought you might enjoy the photos.

Chelsea Garden Show, 2012

I wasn't aware you enjoyed gardening. Have you ever seen photos from the Montreal topiaries? They're not the standard topiaries - really quite unique:

Montreal topiary gardens

I love the swans, the geisha, and the dolphins. There are several sites showing the various topiaries, which are the most elaborate I've ever seen.

Here are some more, some of which include photos from the previous link. The cat and panda are a couple favorites.

More Montreal topiary

P. Allen Smith hosts some shows, but they're not as varied as Erica's.

I do miss those garden shows for real gardeners. And I cringe when I see trucks pull up on the various landscape shows with loads of plants which are just plopped into some barely prepared soil. I often wonder how long they'll last before they die.

(You shouldn't have mentioned gardens - I get kind of crazy when someone does!)

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Aug 22, 2013, 03:56 PM
We watched them way back when. As I recall the host Erica G. was rather easy on the eyes as well. Nice well crafted mellow programing. Sadly it would never fly in today's world. Just how it is.

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Popeye only reached for the Spinach can as a last resort...
Aug 22, 2013, 08:30 PM
Erica was attractive, but not in the same way as Nicole. I don't recall her manner of dress but as I recall it was professional but casual.

I wonder though if hosts like her could actually spark a renaissance for a return to quality programming, something that's in short supply these days.
Aug 23, 2013, 04:56 PM
She was the lady that always wore a wide brimmed summer sun hat, correct/ {Not sure of what exactly what it is called, as you can tell. Everything cycles around in the short attention span of TV execs so there is hope.
The Victory Garden on PBS was oddly funny with the New Englander Roger McSwain planting rhubarb out back, but new host adds very little to the show.

Popeye only reached for the Spinach can as a last resort...
Aug 23, 2013, 05:31 PM
CS, you REALLY have a good memory. Now that you mention it, I do recall Erica's hats. I don't know the name of them either. I'm not much of a hat person except for air shows with the sun beating down on everyone. Cool

One of the most memorable episodes was the topiary garden of Pearl Fryar. I'm pretty sure it was on one of Erica's program. That program was I think his entry into the gardening limelight.

Pearl Fryar's topiaries

Here was this ordinary fellow with extraordinary ambition who created some unique topiary in his yard. I often wondered if he was the inspiration for Edward Scissorhands, although his topiaries were far less elaborate.

Just remembered the other female host I liked: Kathy Renward, of Gardener's Journal

I too remember Roger McSwain and his very characteristic if not iconic New England style. Actually he made me a bit uncomfortable after awhile, but he was certainly enthusiastic about his gardening.

Michael Weishan is the host for the reruns I'm seeing now. I think he has a good host style, jovial, knowledgeable and enthusiastic over food which I would find unpalatable.

Still, some of the topics are so basic as to be of little interest. And I don't think Kip Anderson has as much experience as McSwain did.
Aug 23, 2013, 08:39 PM
my biggest gripe about the garden shows is that they used to have shows that were appropriate for the area but discontinued them and put on shows that don't work. For instance, I live in Florida, there used to be shows that addressed landscaping in tropical areas, they discontinued them and put on shows that apply to northern areas. Not much point for me to watch them
Aug 24, 2013, 09:07 AM
True. The Australian host is a nice guy but talks about California growing which is great for western viewers but not of much interest to us. But that is a universal problem for that type of show.
Paul Epsom also works a local Home & Gardening show from W_B/Scranton Pa. so what he presents about native planting fits right in with what we do here, about an hours drive south of that area.
P. Allen Smith has a show that airs on a very odd tyme early Sunday morning. Interesting show of what I have seen. The VCR left the abode eons ago and in my opinion very little TV is worth the extra cost of a DVR so that is option is off the table as well.

Popeye only reached for the Spinach can as a last resort...
Aug 27, 2013, 07:25 PM
Nona, are you referring specifically to The Victory Garden? Most of their shows do seem to be designed for New England landscapes and gardens.

They have had visits to a SW cacti garden and Calloway Gardens which I believe is in Georgia.

I think Erica used to visit gardens around the country, but that was a long time ago and I don't remember all the programs.

We really need a good, diversified gardening program which isn't entry level. I've seen so many plants repotted and done so improperly that it's a waste of time to watch. That's one of the aspects I liked about Gardener's Diary and Gardener's Journal - they didn't just show people repotting nursery plants ad nauseum.

CS, You are so right that there aren't that many good tv programs on. It seems more and more the trend is toward a certain socio-economic element. I thought the Duggars were boring but some of the latest programs make them look like aristocrats.
Aug 29, 2013, 10:42 PM
CS, I realize now who you're reffering to as the "Australian host". Today I watched a Victory Garden episode that was produced much later (2007 I think) than the series I had been watching. Other than Kip Anderson, all the hosts were different. The whole show seemed "flat" and without a personal touch that the earlier programs had.

One host did have a "down under" accent, and I think was the guy you referred to.

This episode was so different from the earlier Victory Garden style that it wasn't even interesting. The photos that scroll during the beginning and closing credits had been changed from the lovely bucolic scenes of the earlier series.

If this is all that's available in your area, I think it might not be very interesting to watch.

Janet, I believe that Martha Pullen (doyenne of a vintage sewing empire and publisher of Sew Beautiful and Creative Needle magazines) still hosts a vintage sewing program shown on one of the PBS stations.

I also saw a Quilting Arts show today, also on a PBS station. It wasn't the Alex Anderson or Fons & Porter style of show but rather the art quilting style.

While the subject and project demonstrated were interesting, the craftswomanship was shoddy. A woman demonstrated the use of water soluble pencils on an art quilt, but her work was deplorably sloppy. It was a disappointment to see such poor work on the only quilting program I think remains on TV.

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Mar 22, 2014, 11:46 PM
I have recordings of a few Carol Duval programs and really enjoy watching her and her insights into things are great!
Right now I don't have very much TV just on an antennae for local news and such. but the man of the house wants more channels so we may get onto satellite TV again, it's up to him tho. I mean I do like cooking programs sometimes but I really NEED crafting in my life and some programs on craft ideas would get me going. The cooking shows with competitions don't do much for me. maybe I am boring but I like the basic cooking shows that use food we all are familiar with! Not these weird things that I can't even find, that's not what I want ideas on. i wish for the great ways to dress up broccoli!! Or great casseroles that are all in one meals.
But, craft shows would make my day, every day! New scrap booking ideas, recycling ideas to craft with recyclable supplies or even how to make a cool braided plant hanger. Ok, I know I am rambling a bit here but I am sad there are so few crafting shows! I know there are Cool crafting people out there that HGTV could find to make programs! Heck place an ad in a paper and they might find people coming out of the wood work with new ideas and crafts for us to watch, learn and try! Please!!
Point made I Hope! More crafts Please! Smile

Janet Smile

Rubberstamping makes the world more colorful!!