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Video sent to casting crew

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Apr 11, 2013, 10:20 PM
Video sent to casting crew
HI, I sent a video via youtube to the casting crew of rescue my renovation on March 12. Will I receive a rejection email if they are not interested? Because I so want to be on the show and we all ( family and friends) are chewing off our finger nails, checking my email EVERYDAY waiting to hear if they would even consider my video. I just need to know if they respond with a rejection as well as possible sites. Thank you!
Apr 12, 2013, 03:04 AM
Probably not. Most shows get thousands and thousands of applications and tapes - the majority are out of the running simply because of location. There are just way too many applications to contact everyone who applies. That, plus there is always the slim chance that if a show is not coming to your area for the upcoming season but they may be heading your way sometime in the future. It's possible that you could get accepted a year or two after applying.

Now, if you make it past the first round and are considered then the rules change a little. If you are ever contacted to possibly be on a show and then for whatever reason it turns out that it will not happen, then you'll probably be contacted with the bad news. But no, you'll not be contacted just to respond to your original application with a rejection response.

Best advice: Forget that you ever applied. Definitely do not postpone your needed remodel on the very slim chance that a TV show will head your way. The odds of getting on are really much like winning the lottery. You've done all you can do, forget about it and if by chance it does happen, treat it as the happy long-shot that it is.

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