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Are these people for real?

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Aug 31, 2013, 05:21 PM
Are these people for real?
Just watched the Alexandria episode, and what I found most memorable was that the owners seem to lack any sense. A house that size in Alexandria undoubtedly costs over $1 million, yet the owners haven't even made all their design decisions before commencing construction. I'm sorry, but why are people so willing to broadcast their failings to the world?
Aug 31, 2013, 10:22 PM
Well, you're making some assumptions that may or may not be true:

1. That the owners in fact haven't made their decisions; it may be that this aspect is in fact part of the "drama" of the program to reflect interaction between the family and the experts, and give product sponsors an opportunity to play a role. There are others here who actually have experience with these kinds of shows and can address the issue of products used in the shows more eloquently than I.

2. That someone who is building a $1M home is also skilled in some aspect of design selection, etc. Their expertise may be in investment banking or some profession which allows them to hire decisions to be made for them.

3. That they want to make their own decisions. Some folks are stymied when it comes to issues like these. Others prefer to delegate.

4. That the lack of decisions is in fact a "failing". I see that you're retired military. Were you a 20 year servicemember, or less? You'll see a different approach in civilians. Admission of "failings" may be construed more as a request for help, and not as a failure or confession of limitations.

If you watch some of the so-called reality shows, you'll find a lot of people baring their souls and abilities, and "broadcasting" their limitations. For some folks, this isn't embarrassing.

I haven't seen the Alexandria episode so I can't speak to other details, but it seems to me that a lot of the shows feature homeowners who are willing to subordinate their decision making capacity to the experts. That surprises me as well; I can't envision anyone making major decisions for me.

If you stick around this forum, you'll find posts that testify to the fact that color selection, etc. are more difficult choices for some folks than for others.

And it sounds as if you're pretty familiar with the design selection process, so hopefully you'll join in the discussions and share your expertise.

Welcome to the forum! Smile[/QUOTE]

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