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        hi,everyone,i am new with scrapbooking,and i still do not how to get basic using basic materials for my scrapbooking projects,can anybody give me some suggestions for me,what basic supplies should i buy,and what projects are suitable for me,any advice on scrapbooking are good,thanks very much.
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        HI!!Nice to meet you, Welcome. My basic supplies are glue,tape,tape measure/cutter,your emblisshments (eyelets, brads,ribbon, blings, I use a lot of glue dots, and rub-ons. You can google just about anything you want to do with scrapbooking, and go on youtube for any kind of video to show you how to do things. But ,you know, any style you use to scrap your pages is good. So..from Me, Myself and I welcome to this board.

        I never walk alone, He is always with me.

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        Welcome to the board Candydan. Shirley gave you good advise about using google and youtube to find everything under the sun about scrapbooking techniques. has a scrapbooking website and newsletter. The editor appeared on several TV scrapbooking shows and is very knowledgeable. At the website you'll find information about basic needs and lots of sample layouts. There are lots of sites that offer sample layouts. Just google "scrapbooking" and you'll be overwhelmed. You'll also find veteran scrapbookers here who love to share. Welcome to scrapbooking.


        Happy to be in God's service.
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        Hello and a Big Welcome! There are some big things about scrapping that should be followed and that is that you use photo safe scrapping supplies, this will prevent any deterioration of your wonderful photos and keep your books around for everybody to enjoy for years to come! Other than that there are no rules except do not be too hard on yourself...sometimes we can be most critical of our own personal work. But the truth as each person has different styles and ways of making a page and they are all OK! Each new page can be unique or similar to the last, there is not a wrong answer when it comes to designing your pages. It is up to YOU, the designer, but if you like the way another person did a page it is OK to copy -or scrap lift- ideas! Scrap bookers generally know it was copied because somebody liked what they saw! But try to develop your own sense of what you want to see, so when you need to the mojo will be there to create your own pages from your own sense of what you have or like. Hope that all makes sense Smile Feel free to ask questions when you have them. Sometimes asking before making a purchase can give you better insight onto products or let you know if that is the one you needed/wanted. Many products like card stock will say on the packaging if it is archival or photo safe.
        I don't know if you have scrap book stores near where you live but many times at a scrap book store if you ask " Do you have one of those I could try first?" you might be helped more with a purchase too. Many store workers know their products well, and use them, and will allow you to try before you buy. I have learned with some of the die cutting machines that some I am not capable of using properly due to hand damage.
        Another GREAT place to look for scrap supplies are yard sales if people have them where you live. If you do not see any, ask a person running the sale, never hurts to ask! I have gotten some of the best items at a yard sale Big Grin all because I asked!
        Being at the beginning of your scrap booking journey, do not think you have to get it all done in a day, that can bee too overwhelming! Take it a page or a photo at a time. Pretty soon you will find yourself thinking about how to make a page with certain photos while you fold laundry or drive to work and that is perfectly alright. (I take notes if I can when I think of ideas or I will forget them)
        As you can see I like to talk! But am not on here daily as my Man thinks I am on here too much Roll Eyes But I try to stop in once a week or more.
        ** Have Fun with your scrapping!**

        Janet Smile

        Rubberstamping makes the world more colorful!!
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        Hi ...welcome to the board! all this advice is great... I would say get basics then wait to buy a ton of stuff... take pictures to store and buy only what you need for them... the left overs will add up quickly... this from someone who has too much stuff! lol


        Scrappin Done in 2010
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        posted Hide Post's it going with you these days. If you will be a local here that would entice us all to want to see your work and maybe get some guys (if in fact I'm talking to a guy??)here.

        I never walk alone, He is always with me.

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