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New house - stained concrete floor questions

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Oct 06, 2013, 01:25 PM
New house - stained concrete floor questions
Hi all,

We just bought a house and the previous owner stained the concrete floors in kitchen and laundry room areas. We have a dog and just noticed what appears to be spots on the concrete from where he drinks out of his water bowl and drools/splashes around the bowl. These are grayish color, I am guessing from the hard water and/or nasty stuff in dog drool!

This leads me to believe the previous owner may have stained, but never sealed, the concrete. I'm going to try to contact them and find out.

So first question, is there any way to remove the spots that are already there - would vinegar or something like that help or make it worse? Second question, is there anything tricky we should know if we want to go ahead and seal (or re-seal) the floor to prevent further water spots? Any easy DIY products we could just mop on?

Thanks in advance!