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Refinishing/leveling slab concrete floor

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Oct 08, 2013, 02:22 PM
Refinishing/leveling slab concrete floor
We are remodeling our new home that is built on a concrete slab (no basement). Since we are still in the midst of renovations, but are needing to move into the space, we are leaving the concrete bare with area rugs/carpet tiles for now. There are several uneven areas (probably 1 inch off level) where it looks like they tore up strips of floor in the past (most likely for pipes or the now defuncted radiant heat) and patched with new concrete. Also just an overall discoloration from old adhesive.

After getting several $6,000 plus plus bids to resurface the area we are tackling the job ourselves (with some experienced family help). Looking at doing some grinding to remove old adhesive and high points, and then Quikrite Concrete Resurfacer to level and put a new layer on the whole floor. Finishing with a water based sealer.

Input or concerns based upon your experience with slabs or basement floor refinishing? Reviews on the Quikrite product are very mixed on HD and Lowes websites. A different product we should use instead?

We may decide to leave some areas bare concrete permanently (perhaps get them acid stained or such) or may put down glue down hardwood or such.

Oct 08, 2013, 08:52 PM
If you are having to level much of the slab then trying to stain and seal the concrete as a floor finish will not hide the leveled areas. If you have to level a section of the slab, that pretty much forces you to have some form of floor covering - be it floating wood, tile, carpet or whatever.

The other potential problem will be the adhesion of the leveling compound to the old slab. Etching the slab and using a primer can help a lot, but if the leveling compound is left exposed as a final surface then it is more likely to release over time. This is especially true in the very thin areas that are feathered out to level.

The best leveling cement I've used is called Sonoflo. OTOH, if I know there will be a new finished floor surface like tile or floating floor, we use a thin mix of regular thinset.