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Cleaning concrete basement floors

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Mar 06, 2014, 02:16 AM
Cleaning concrete basement floors
Our basement (20 year old house) is unfinished, in part because the water table is fairly high, and floor cracks and general proximity of the water keep the humidity a little, but not terribly, high. There had been mould in some areas when here was a water problem which has since been fixed. I want to just wash the concrete floor to clean it up and kill any mould which may be there, active or dormant. (It does not currently smell mouldy, and I have a good nose for mould.) I wonder which cleaner would be best, without leaving fumes which would bother my sensitive lungs. The options seem to be TSP, vinegar, or borax, or some combination. I think using bleach would be chemical suicide. There is also the question of whether the cleaning agent would have to be mopped up later or simply left on.

Any wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you.