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Need advice on primer and adhesive materials, Acrylics vs Urethane

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Dec 28, 2013, 07:33 PM
Need advice on primer and adhesive materials, Acrylics vs Urethane
So we're in the process of installing some hard flooring(bamboo), and after buying all of what we think are the necessary materials, my gf finds that the Titebond 821 wood glue she bought says "works best with Titebond concrete primer for woodflooring adhesive".

The problem with this is that Titebond advertises your typical DIY stores such as Home Depot and Lowes as places that carry that concrete primer adhesive for wood flooring, but their website doesn't list it.

Right now the floor is prepped for us to put down some patches of leveler here and there to fill holes and then if it is truly necessary we will put an entire layer of that Titebond acrylic concrete primer down. IF we can find it, that is. So here's my question.

Does it really matter if we use the recommended Titebond concrete adhesive primer which happens to be acrylic base? Would we be just as well by just priming the entire floor with the urethance based Henry brand leveler compound we already have instead of an acrylic base? And if anyone secretly knows where to get that Titebond concrete adhesive primer, that'd be awesome too.

Dec 28, 2013, 10:41 PM
well, if you could find the MSDS on the Titebond primer, and compare it to the MSDS for anything similar from, say, Behr's concrete primer or Sakrete's concrete primer, you could see if the same ingredients are used. if so, use what you can get. pretty much anything that isn't water has an MSDS (material safety data sheet mandated by the EPA for most industrial chemicals) searchable on the web, if the manufacturer's website doesn't come up with a hit on MSDS in their search box.

if you can't find anything, you don't have a "best practices" installation. it might work anyway. you might return the adhesive and get another. that will teach them !

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