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mulch to high against house

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Oct 02, 2013, 08:13 AM
mulch to high against house
We moved into a new house and the old owners have the dirt and mulch piled right up to the siding on part of the house. I understand there should be 6" space between mulch and siding but how should I go about doing this. If I dig out 6" I will obviously have a 6" deep trench. And I cant change the grade of the entire front yard to create a downward slope away from house.
Oct 02, 2013, 08:26 AM
What is behind the siding? Is it aluminum or vinyl siding? Is it against foundation or wood framing?

If it is against wood framing you definitely need to remove it the sooner the better. The siding is against a concrete foundation you could remove the dirt/mulch and take the siding off that is below grade. By having the siding covered you're giving termites a protected path into your house.

If regrading isn't a short term solution I would probably trench down to get the dirt and mulch away from the house, get the 6" separation from the bottom of the siding to the dirt and then a little more. Cover the dirt with a layer of gravel keeping the 6" separation. To hold the dirt back install a pressure treated, ground contact rated timber 2x8. 2x10, 4x4's stacked or 6x6's to hold back the dirt from your foundation. The gravel covered trench would need to flow out into the yard so you don't dump more water into your footer drains.

Long term, regrading the yard is needed. I suspect your foundation plants are probably over grown now so I'd probably start with a clean slate, regrade the yard and get new foundation plantings. Keeping the bushes trimmed and away from the house.

All of this advice is sight unseen. So getting local advice is essential before doing any major work.

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