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Wild Strawberry

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May 06, 2013, 11:20 PM
Wild Strawberry
Help! The previous owners of my house planted wild strawberry around the perimeter of the entire house and now it has completely invaded the rest of the yard. It has overtaken the grass and strangles my plants and rosebushes. I can't find anything that will kill it. It is the bane of my existence! Any suggestions desperately appreciated!
May 07, 2013, 09:48 AM
How big of a yard do you have? 1000 square feet? 4000 square feet?

What have you tried so far? Have you tried white vinegar?

Are the plants producing strawberries or are they just foliage?

I've never had this plant in my yard and am unfamiliar with its habits, but for me the choice of how to eradicate it would depend on how easy it is to pull up, which also depends on the size of the patches you have. Does it have a root system like, say, vinca, or ivy?

Is its growth habit like the 4th picture in the top row here? Or more like the 5th picture in the third row?

Or like this?

I found this interesting article on wild strawberries, which apparenly produce only nominal fruit but a lot of foliage.

I would use a scuffle hoe and start in the rose bush and garden area where there's some fairly open soil to get a hoe in. The hoe will break up the roots, if they're relatively shallow. Then use a regular leaf rake to collect the plants, and don't compost them.

I honestly don't know how to eradicate them from a lawn except just to keep mowing them. If you try to remove them individually, you're facing an uphill battle.

As the last article referenced states, you might try to install a barrier between the rose garden and the lawn to prevent them from coming back.

I also found another article addressing the difficulty of eradication; it might be helpful to know what you're facing, as this sounds like a task in which only limited progress can permanently be made.

The other option is to contact a Pennsylvania agricultural extension service and ask them for advice. Eradication could also be dependent on the type of soil you have, and I'm not familiar with PA soils.

Good luck!

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