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Garden hose leaks

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Jul 23, 2013, 05:24 PM
Garden hose leaks
I just replaced the male & female ends of a 3/4" hose with new brass fittings. The hose clamps screwed down tight, but both ends leak a bit from the hose/barb connection while in use. Will plumbers putty fix it up?
Jul 23, 2013, 07:58 PM
use Teflon tape instead, or even electrical tape to build up the diameter of the barbed ends
Jul 24, 2013, 11:50 PM
take it apart and put a little pipe dope on the barbs before you put it togather. or vaseline*****?v=vn7bkncf1_E
Jul 26, 2013, 07:12 PM
I already tried Teflon tape and it did the job on both ends. Thank you,