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        I just acquired a "new" house from my family, and the kitchen is the only thing that hasn't been updated at all the cabinets are metal and the counter tops are a mess, you can see where from previous generations of my family have done crafting attempts because you can see places where someone used spray paint. The only thing really new in the place is the bay window that was put in when the house was sided and the fridge. In fact the stove thats currently is in there is from the time when president Roosevelt was in office, I'm sad to say, I'm not sure what is more sad the fact its still there or it still works. I'm working on a really small budget and will have to do 90% on my own, I'm not handy as I am crafty, I do know even though the cabinets that are metal and look tacky right now but they are soild and have no rust so I would like to reuse them, I'm just not sure how to go about it. They are currently a whiteish color but where the handles attach on them and people have grabed them there the paint has worn off and you can see the bare metal underneath. I also forgot the washer and dryer also take up space in this kitchen. I was hoping to keep true to this house nature of an old country farmhouse, since all the original wood work has been expose with the removal of the carpet that was in all the other rooms, I'd like to continue that into the kitchen somehow. I'm said to say those floors that where exposed did not extend to the kitchen so something else needs to be done. The walls in this kitchen have this vinyl backing that is a nice canary yellow. The plus side is at least the drywall that is in the kitchen is intact.

        If any one has any ideas of how to work with those old cabinets to make them some what look like they where from this day and age it would be nice. I was thinking of doing wood counter tops with the metal cabinets,but I'm not sure how good they are in a fairly heavily used kitchen. I also no clue what to do with the floor. This kitchen is the first thing you see when you walk into the house, with the way it was built. Then entire thing needs to be fairly durable since its still part of a working farm with several critters tracking through it. I'm not talking just dogs and cats either.
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        Picture of GardenSprite
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        Originally posted by Farmkid:

        Then entire thing needs to be fairly durable since its still part of a working farm with several critters tracking through it. I'm not talking just dogs and cats either.

        Um, what kinds of critters? If you're talking about critters that aren't house broken, I think my first step would be to determine why they are in the house in the first place and secondly to keep them out.

        I wouldn't really want a good floor in the kitchen if critters are going to be using it. And there are health issues if farm animals are going to be in the house.

        Decades ago we visited friends of my parents who were living in a still working farm, and allowed their chickens in the house. I never understood why the chickens needed to have access to the house or the bathroom, as they most certainly did not know how to use the facilities. I was glad to get out of that house and return home!

        Beyond that, a neighbor just renovated a house with a metal sink, base and upper cabinet combination. I believe she "kilzed" it then painted it with white, but don't know what kind of paint she used. In addition, there were no bare spots.

        I could find out for you, or likely someone here with a good knowledge of paint for metal applications will have helpful information as well.

        If you're thinking of butcher block countertops, my personal opinion is that wood has a depth and visual appeal which some other countertops lack, but I don't know how well they would match metal cabinets. You could get some scrap lumber and just lay it out on the base cabinets to see if it makes a good combination. I can't speak, however, to the durability of heavy use.

        If you have some photos to post, that would help others offer suggestions.

        And with cabinets, you can always change out the hardware to create a different appearance.
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        best move with the steel cabinets is to carefully take them down, and get them to an auto body shop for cleaning and repainting. their primers and enamels are just the thing for those cabinets, not availiable to DIYers in many cases due to the catalysts in some of the formulas.

        butcher block or plank countertops.

        a gas expert should check out that old stove, it's almost priceless if it's working or fixable. recreations cost what a Wolf or Viking commercial range costs.

        sig: if this is a new economy, how come they still want my old-fashioned money?
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        Picture of joecaption
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        Some pictures may be helpful.
        The best way to redo those cabinets would be to remove all the hardware, degrease them, remove them and have an auto body shop spray paint them for you.
        Trying to refinish cabinets while still in place can be a real pain.
        There going to need to be sanded, primed with a bonding primer, and painted.
        Unless you wanted to spring for maple butcher block counter tops, I'd pass on the wooden counter tops.
        Home Depot sells a nice looking newer style of counter top that has a roman ogee front and back edge that's inexpensive and easy to install.
        As far as the floor I'd be considering a quality sheet linoleum
        Or even strip linoleum before I'd put a wood flooring there.
        There's lots of company's that make a wood looking pattern.
        Armstrong is just one of them.
        Simple and fast to install, I have one that's been there for at least 25 years and still looks new.

        Posts: 18046 | Location: Hartfield VA | Registered: Jan 31, 2004Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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        check out All the resources to bring those metal cabinets and kitchen back to life.
        I only wish I had them!
        Posts: 82 | Registered: Nov 17, 2010Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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