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        I just got my kitchen remodeled and I would like to by a fridge. The space that I have for the fridge is 35 1/2 wide and 70 inches high, depth 24 inches. I would like to know what type of fridge that I can get for this space? Do I have to leave space on the sides of it, or does it have to be exact? I've heard that it shouldn't be exact because the motor will get messed up but I'm not sure. Is this true or not?
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        the refrigerator gets cool inside because it pumps all the heat outside. to the bottom and back. check the manual online for a typical fridge (I'm out in the Ham Cave and it's not accessible now) but there should be an inch or two around all sides and the back.

        also consider the top and sides are bowed out on fridges now, due to the foam-on-place construction, so you have to allow a little space for that, too.

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        The depth of your cabinets is 24 inches, refrigerators are usually deeper than that, and don't forget the inch or two behind it for circulation.

        If you want to step up and pay the big bucks, you can get a refrig 24 inches deep, but those usually need planning ahead of time for installation, and the cost is high.

        Watch that 35 1/2 inch width also, cabinet people I deal with leave a full 36 inches, but that might have been best they could do considering size and design of kitchen.

        They do make refrigerators that are built in, so they need to be exact. But what you do is pick the refrig, and then the cabinet company makes everything so that refrig will fit in like a glove. And those are expensive.

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        GE makes a French door fridge that is about 32.5" wide. It is 22.1 cf. Maytag and whirlpool also make slimmer fridges. A bigger one (like 26cf+) is gonna be 36" wide.
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        Thank you
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        In my first townhouse back in the 1980's I had my brand new bottom freeze, French door refrigerator delivered to my new house. The only way I could get it to fit in the space the builder left me was to remove the hinges off the pantry door, remove the base trim on the one wall and slide the refrigerator into the space. I then put the hinges back on the pantry door and trimmed the baseboard to the front grill of the fridge. I never moved that refrigerator again in the 4 years I owned the house. I sold it with the house.

        Lesson learned, check the space before you order your fridge.

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