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Gas oven/ Gas Valve

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Sep 12, 2013, 06:40 PM
Gas oven/ Gas Valve
I just got a new oven (A OVEN) I had nothing before. Awesome. Anyways, usually the oven on the back is dipped in more for the gas valve (Or maybe my valve is a little higher than normal). Preference, I'd like this oven an inch or two closer to the wall. This back panel feels hollow, can I notch out with a dremel a little 3"x3" so the valve won't hit the back? Provided there is no wiring or anything crucial behind this oven panel.

Sep 12, 2013, 07:48 PM
hard to see whats what....the code reads that your gas valve shall be accessable. that means by code you need to run a pipe out from behind the stove. into adjasent cabinet. install a valve then pipe it back to the stove. the reason behind this. is that if there is a gas leak/fire you cant move the stove to turn off the valve. by installing the valve adjasant to the stove. you can open a cabinet door and turn off not cut the back of the stove. it is engineered for a zero clearance to combustable materials. if you cut will no longer be a zero clearance. then it will have to be a minimum of 6 inch from the back wall. and if a fire breaks out..the insurance co. wont pay out

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