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My new design client

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Feb 18, 2014, 11:33 PM
My new design client
This is OT, but I had to share my news. Yes, it is a design project, but the client is a wee bit too young to have much to say about it. Our youngest son and his wife just blessed us with a new granddaughter. Born a month early, tiny but in good health, she caught us off guard. We haven't even begun to get the nursery ready! I doubt she will care.

There is much debate about the colors for the room. Her two oldest sisters (6-year-old twins) like purple or green. They are quite opinionated about which one is best. The sister she will share a room with is two and her favorite color depends on which crayon she is currently holding. Wish me luck!Smile

Oh, here is my inspiration picture with her name.