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you never come to small cities in midwest......

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May 01, 2013, 03:00 PM
you never come to small cities in midwest......
I have a real challenge for you...and I am DESPERATE!!!! We finally got a house,,after we lost our dream home back in 2004 due to my heart...I have had 4 more stents since then and last August we bought a house on 2 and 1/2 acres. Problem is our back acre starting 3 feet from the back of the home slants at a 65 degree angle down. And the septic system runs through the yard down the slope midway to the home for 75 feet. We would like a porch put on the back so we can enjoy the animals that pass by on the lower 1.5 acres. Just would like to enjoy what time I have left.
May 01, 2013, 05:24 PM
Never, ever plan on a TV show being your savior to your yard or house problems. Instead concentrate on finding a workable, local solution.

TV shows will target certain areas - mostly dictated by the location of the production companies. When shows do travel, they will do several shows in one area - just makes for a more efficient production. While it is not impossible that a TV show will travel to a less populated area to shoot a single show, the adds are so long against it that you 'd just as soon forget about that option.

May 02, 2013, 11:29 AM
6 heart attacks later and enough stents to depopulate the Pacific fleet of ships, I have been blessed to continue to do my own DIY. stuff like gutting the basement to the block and rebuilding it. I pray your time left will also be long and enjoyable.

to add a (very) little to Jaybee's information... in addition to the TV crew's preference to stay near home and their own families and systems support, another big thing in producing these shows is freebies.

there's a reason the host snares subjects in Lowe's or OSH or Home Depot or Menards... and it's not just they let 'em range free in the back of the store, knocking down displays and riding carts into the rack of doors.

it's the buckets, trowels, rental tools, thinset, stick lumber, and other goods that the particular chain provides. the factory reps for the Hollywood showers and stuff pre-ship it there for storage until the crew needs it.

and strangely enough, advertising spots on or adjacent to those shows seem to be tailored to showcase the guys whose logos are on the packages as the cameras churn by.

it's easier to put all that together in LA or NYC or the Minneapple than in East Squirrelspit County. and there tends to be more fancy artisans who cast glass shower walls and hand-paint walls of tile in a large city, because they can sell enough word of mouth there to make a living.


sounds like you basically need an army of ants approach to building out some retaining-wall patios in your slope and setting some footings for a deck. any chance of hosting an all-family get-together for a week, and have them do sweat equity for you? talk to the inspector or a neighbor with a handyman service to find out what you have to do to get it built safely if needed, and make some calls.

good luck, and hope you've got pretty sunsets out there to watch on that upcoming deck.

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