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Nov 24, 2013, 12:25 PM
Bathroom Tiling
My contractor gutted my bathroom installed new durarock, installed a new porcelain tub and then tiled the shower walls and grouted. The 12x12 tiles and 4inch bull nose left a one inch gap at the inside shower corners.

My questions: Is a acceptable practice to fill the gap with 1x 12 tiles? It looks terrible especially since they intersect with a mosaic tile insert? Additionally, the grout lines are not uniform and the mosaic pieces are not aligned properly at the shower corners.

Is it possible to tear out and redo without ruining a new porcelain tub? if the tiles were removed would the durarock have to be replaced?
Nov 24, 2013, 02:12 PM
You have several things going on.

Sometimes, you are at the mercy of the given size of the tile and the given size of your enclosure - It just may not work out right. To answer your question about 1" tiles - the most common solution is to cut tile on either end of the wall with the 1" extra space. With 12" tiles, this will give you an outside and inside run of 6-1/2" tiles. (or whatever measurement eats up the extra space).

The tile will work just fine no matter how it's spaced, so this is strictly a looks issue.

If you have uneven grout lines and poorly installed tile, you may just have a not-too-good tile installer. Combine this with the 1" tile space and it sounds like your guy just isn't that experienced.

You can redo the tile without harming the tub. Since it's fairly new there is a good chance that the tile can be removed without harming the concrete backerboard underneath.

I would find another tile guy to come in, evaluate what you have and offer solutions. If you don't know of one, go to any tile store (not a big box store) and ask them for a couple of references of installers who do this kind of work.

And one other thing: Do you know if your tile guy installed a liner behind the Durock? If he's new at this he may not realize that this is a necessary step. Without a liner you have a 100% chance of the surround leaking.

Beyond all that - once you figure out exactly what you have there: If you find out it was done incorrectly you should be getting some money back from the first guy.

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Dec 06, 2013, 08:13 PM
never...never...never ever
never ever ever...cut that last check intell you are 110% satisified
i dont care if the contractor is standing there tapping his foot with his hand out. his truck running, and his wife yelling hurry up harry,,we gotta go!!!
if there is an issue...calmly, state that it needs to be fixed BEFORE a check is cut
before you is YOUR responsability as a consumer to walk the WHOLE job and look at everything
again, if he is in a hurry, calmly, tell him to come back tomorrow, after you have had a chance to look around, if you feel overwelomed, and not sure whats rigt or wrong, spend an extra hundred bucks to have another professional look at his work. if his work is on the up and up. and he is a repuptable builder. your not paying him for 24 hours will not hurt him. in fact, he can use your pro as an advertising gimick as to his good standing..and reputation.