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Swanstone shower base install question

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Jul 11, 2013, 08:15 AM
Swanstone shower base install question

We are re-modelling a shower unit and have ripped out the old shower unit, installed a new shower valve and put in a Swanstone shower pan base (36" x 36") and attached it to the drain (well actually we paid a plumber to do this work). We want to hang some hardiebacker board then tile & grout. The floor under the base is flat and solid and the base is pretty snug up against the rear wood frame and has about a 1/4" gap down either side. The plumber did not secure the base to the floor with mortar. My questions are:

1) What can I do to secure the base to the side & rear wood frame. Swanstone says not to fasten the base flange using nails or screws but they say its optional to knock in a roofing nail at an angle and have the nail head secure the base.
2) Swanstone recommends a 1/2" gap between the bottom of the backer board and the top of the flange. The flange is about 1.5" high so that gives a 2" gap between the backer board and the lip of the shower base. We want to add tile cement and tiles on top of the backer board all the way down to the base lip so what do we do with this bottom 2" where there is no backer board?
3) The backer board is 1/2" thick and in the rear it is not flush with the side of the base flange as the flange is only 1/4" wide. I tried moving the base forward a 1/4" but it won't budge. Is this going to be a problem or can I just add extra tile cement to the back of the tile to make up for the 1/4"?

Jul 11, 2013, 02:53 PM
you do not need to secure it to anything, if its vevel oit will sit right there and the tile,rock gravty weill hold it in place
drop[ thee rock down to 1/2" above the pan, then when you tile, drop the tile down that 1/2' TO COVER THE JOINT. CAULK THE JOINT key stuck,,,

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