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Feb 05, 2014, 04:46 PM
Help with Remodel Ideas!
I am fairly new to the board but love it or info. I am planning a bathroom conversion from a bedroom. For size limitations I could only crop the bedroom i plane on changing into a large master En suite.

The master bedroom is directly above the attached diagram. The diagram includes the current master en suite with the adjoining bedroom that i plan to convert.

The bedroom is a 4th bedroom that is not needed. I was thinking of converting the current en suite and bedroom into one large space. Breaking it down to 66% en suite and 33% master closet. I have a few ideas of my own that will make this a superior en suite for me home but I am looking for any other ideas from another set of eyes. My mind is blinded by 3 ideas. I was looking for some help that may just be better then mine.

I would much appreciate any input as to what the space would allow for maximum equity as well as just a nice well laid out master bath. I have the ability to move the plumbing however needed as my brother is a plumber and his best friend an electrician. So the possibilities are endless.

Any input would be much much appreciated!

I would upload diagrams of my thoughts but there is not enough space on the allowable upload limit